Chandigarh, 15.07.2018,:NCC Air wing Cadets of PGGovernment College -11, Chandigarh under the aegis of Nodal officer of SBSI(NCC Air wing)DrRakesh Thakur undertook a cleanliness drive of Behlana village today alongwith the villagers and the panchayat members. The NCC Air Wingcadets started their drive by cleaning the Pump House of the village and planting trees at the site. To apprise them of the value of ‘Life and Death’, a sacred ceremony of planting trees which emit oxygen and thus sustain mankind was carried out on the village cremation ground. 11 trees known for their health benefits and providing shade to the bereaved families, who accompany their loved ones for the tearful final journey. Every tree in the cremation ground was adopted by a group of cadets and the dignitaries present on the occasion. Wing Commander M R Pandeya, CO of Chandigarh Air NCC unit, in solemn address to the students said, “cremation and burial grounds are the final destination where every human body has to come for its final destination”.

The panchayat member,ShriDevRaj Sharma profusely thanked Nodal officer and Air wing cadets of PG Government College -11, for working with zeal and determination to spread awareness about various forms of cleanliness and healthy sanitation practice. Panchayat member S.Jeet Singh said that he is grateful to cadets of NCC Air wing who have inculcated cleanliness drive as a duty towards self, community and Nation.The cadets are doing a great work for the society as well as environment. I will ensure that the sanitation is maintained and the plant saplings are taken care of.

Dr.Rakesh Thakur promised the villagers that “Swachh Bharat Summer Internship” started on 5th of July and would continue till the month’s end and even after the completion of the programme would continue to work towards ‘SwaachtaAbhiyan’ which they have started in the village Behlana.