Chandigarh,19.07.18-Worldwide Statistics show that every 3 women out of 5 have undergone Uterus removal surgeries by the time they reach 60 years of age!!

But....Is it essential?
...Can it be avoided?....
Yes!...Uterus removal also called Hysterectomy can be avoided or postponed by various methods.
Common reasons why these surgeries are done are:
Fibroids , Cysts, Abnormal Bleeding, Postmenopausal bleeding, Polyps, Cancers.
Categorically Fibroids are most common tumors of the uterus. But the good news is that chances of cancer formation in a fibroid is remote. Around 40 to 50% women have undiagnosed fibroids. If she happens to get an ultrasound done due to some problem, these are incidentally picked up. But there is no need to panic! The symptoms may not necessarily be due to these.
Hence this leads us to a very important fact... If yearly scans are done these problems can be diagnosed & resolved as soon as they occur.
Symptoms such as excessive bleeding or pain can be dealt with medication alone. All you need to do is a Gynaecological check up by a specialist to rule out any complications.
Similarly Ovarian cysts are of many types. Almost all simple cysts 'dissolve' on their own with time. Most commonly they are diagnosed when a lady is investigated for Infertility or Irregular Cycles.
Merely opting for Surgery is not always correct. A discussion and an Internal check up by a specialist Gynaecologist for further action is mandatory.

Abnormal bleeding and Polyps can be treated by Advanced Techniques nowadays and an attempt should be made to avoid Uterus Removal Procedures as far as possible.
Dr Seema Wadhwa MD
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