CHANDIGARH,22.07.18-Keeping in view of Independence Day-2018, Chandigarh Police is regularly conducting various checking exercises to avoid any untoward incident in the city. The various operations are undertaken by Chandigarh Police for the maintenance of law & order and also for the purpose of safety and security of citizens.

In view of the same, today a special checking was conducted by all police stations to check the car dealer points, workshops, mechanics, denting painting shops in their jurisdictions. The ownerships of the vehicles were also verified and cross checked with list provided by them. Further Owners/managers of these shops/workshops have been briefed to give information to police if any suspicious vehicle and activity found. They are also instructed to provide list of visitors/vehicles on daily basis to Police Stations. Total 16 car dealers and 62 denting-painting workshops/points were checked.

Sub-division wise data is as under:-


Nos of car dealers Checked

Nos of Denting-painting workshops/points checked










This drive being conducted under directions of senior officers issued to all the SDPOs/SHOs of police stations in their respective areas. These special drives are being conducted by Police Stations staff under the close supervision of SDPOs and SHOs. All the SDPOs & SHOs have been briefed about the safety, security of citizens especially Women & Children and maintenance of law & order in their respective jurisdictions.

Besides this, the Bomb Detection teams of Chandigarh Police have also started major checking exercise at vital installations and heavy footfall areas. Special searches are being conducted by Chandigarh Police with the help of dog squad and bomb detection team at heavy foot-fall areas, vital installations which includes busy markets, ISBT’s, public parking areas, Cinemas, govt. buildings, tourist places etc. Today the search was conducted at Market, Sector 22, Chandigarh by Chandigarh Police with the help of dog squad and bomb detection team.

Such types of exercises will be continued.