Chandigarh,09.08.18- Keeping in view of Independence Day-2018, Chandigarh Police is regularly conducting various checking exercises to avoid any untoward incident in the city. The various operations are undertaken by Chandigarh Police for the maintenance of law & order and also for the purpose of safety and security of citizens especially Women & Children.

Joint Search Operation at Mauli Complex & Rajiv Colony, Panchkula

Today on 09.08.18, at early morning, a joint search operation has been carried out in Rajiv Colony PKL (HR) and Mauli Complex Chandigarh with the co-ordination of Chandigarh & Haryana police. Search operation has been conducted in Rajiv Colony PKL (HR) under the supervision of SHO PS 14 PKL. (HR) and in Mauli Jagran Complex Chandigarh under the supervision of SHO PS Mauli Jagran and SHO PS 19 Chandigarh. Total 128 police officials i.e 93 of Chandigarh police and 35 of Haryana police were deployed in joint search operation. During the joint search operation, total 110 persons have been rounded up and proper verification of all the particulars of checked persons is being verified.

Night Search conducted Village Kajheri & Tin Colony Sector 52

A special night search was carried out on intervening night of 8/9.8.18 from 3.30 AM to 6 AM, at Village Kajheri & Tin Colony Sector 52 Chandigarh under the close supervision of SDPO’s and SHO’s. Total 42 Police officials from Police Station 36, 49, 34, 31 were deployed in this search operation. Police Staff from Tango Reserve, Operation Cell were also deployed. Three Nakas were laid down at the entry and exit point of village Kajheri Chandigarh for checking of vehicles. Apart from that 8 police parties were deployed for search operation at inner areas. During this search operation 71 suspected persons were rounded up and 12 stranger roll have been issued. The proper verification of all the particulars of checked persons was recorded, information sheets issued accordingly.

Foot Patrolling in Market & Residential Areas

Police Sttaion-39 under the supervision of SHO Police Station-39, conducted a foot patrolling at Sector 37, Sector 40 & Kissan Mandi Sector 40, Chandigarh, in order to check the hide outs of anti-social/ anti-national elements, criminals, terrorist and other bad elements to avoid any untoward incident. During the foot patrolling, market Sector 37, Sector 40, Kissan Mandi and parking area have been cheeked thoroughly. Announcement regarding security scenario for the general public was made through PA system. Thorough checking of parked vehicles in parking lots and luggage and boxes lying in verandas were checked.

Checking of Tenants, Servants, PG, Parking’s, newly arrived street vendors:-

On 09.08.2018, a special checking was conducted by all police station staff to check the PG/Servant/Tenant, Parking’s, unclaimed/abandoned vehicles, newly arrived Street Vendors, Rehri/Fari walas, in their respective jurisdictions. Total 125 tenants, 80 servants, 36 PG persons, 27 street vendors & 76 parking’s were checked & verified by all police stations.

All above special checking drives are being conducted under directions of SSP/UT, Ms. Nilambari Jagdale, IPS issued to all the SDPOs/SHOs of police stations in their respective areas. These special drives are being conducted by Police Stations staff under the close supervision of SDPOs and SHOs. All the SDPOs & SHOs have been briefed about the safety, security of citizens especially Women & Children and maintenance of law & order in their respective jurisdictions.

Chandigarh Police is also conducting major checking exercise at vital installations and heavy footfall areas. Special searches are being conducted by Chandigarh Police with the help of dog squad and bomb detection team at heavy foot-fall areas, vital installations which includes busy markets, ISBT’s, public parking areas, Cinemas, govt. buildings, tourist places etc.

Such type of exercises will be continued.