TORONTO,14.08.18- – Sparkling jazz-pop chanteuse TIA BRAZDA is making a move in a bold new direction with her upcoming albumDAYDREAM, that will be released officially September 7th and with a special concert on September 16th at Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, among other dates in Canada and the U.S. We get a glimpse of her fresh sound with the new single also titled “Daydream,” and an accompanying video out now, available on Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes, Google Play, and wherever music is streamed or downloaded. For more information please visit website.

Tia Brazda’s jazz-pop gems, retro style, and utterly distinctive voice have established her as a strong and unique presence on the jazz scene, both at home in Canada and abroad. Garnering comparisons to Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse in the past, she stands distinguished as a powerful artist in her own right.

With the release of the first single, the title track, "Daydream," from her upcoming album, she is breaking the mould and expanding her sound. This breezy bossa nova lives up to its title, with the music perfectly matching the sentiment of a sweet, languid daydream about someone attractive but unattainable, who walks by each day. The gently lilting acoustic guitar meets sweet strings and a mellow saxophone for a "Girl From Ipanema" style song with a summer, day-at-the-beach vibe. Brazda’s breathy purr of a voice pours out of the speakers like pure honey.

One of the most hardworking artists on the music scene today, Brazda has toured the world, performing at prestigious festivals such as the 2017 Montreux Jazz Festival, 2017 San Jose Jazz Summer Fest – where she was rated "Best of the Fest" by local press – 2016 Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (main stage), and the 2016 Xerox Rochester (NY) International Jazz Festival.

Tia Brazda gratefully acknowledges the generous support of

FACTOR, The Government of Canada, and The Ontario Arts Council

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