KAPURTHALA,12.10.18-Science City has become the harbinger of Science in the Region today and any talk on science is incomplete without mentioning the name Science City . Science City is an autonomous body which is achieving its core objectives through its commitment and dedication. These were the views expressed by Mohammed Tayyab IAS Deputy Commissioner Kapurthala cum Director General Science City on the occasion of launch of “Everest” Large format film in the Space Theater.

Further, he said that Science City has received overwhelming response not only in the state but also from other parts of the country as well. Around 40 lac visitors have visited science City so far ever since its opening to public on March 20, 2005. He said that The Space Theatre at Science City is a world-class attraction in a 23 meter dia tilted dome with a seating capacity of 328 persons. The full dome screen with large format ultra 70 projection system provide an immersible experience to its visitors. He added that film “Everest” has been re-launched on huge public demand since its last screening in 2006.

Mr Tayyab said that nine other Large Format films Great Shark, Africa the Serengeti’, “Everest”, ‘Mystery of the Nile’, ‘Alps’, ‘The Magic of Flight’ and ‘Grand Canyon Adventure’: ‘River at Risk’ ‘Adventures in Wild California’ and ‘American National Park’ had so far been screened in the Space Theater of Science City. He added that the film “Everest being re-launched depicts the beauty of mighty Himalayas as well as describes the challenges faced by mountaineers in climbing . He added that this film is a story of courage, determination and fearlessness, therefore, would inspire our young generation.

Mr. Tayyab on this occasion also inaugurated a Toy Train exhibit set up at Science City gifted by Ministry of Railways, Govt. Of India he said that static diesel engine with three bogies revamped with attractive and artistic looks will not only showcase the old technology of Indian Railways of gone by era to the coming generation but would also be a center of attraction to the Science City visitors for photo shoot. He further added that as such an eco-friendly trackless train battery driven is already in operation to enjoy the beauty of various parks within Science City premises for its visitors.