Rakhra,16.11.18-Cambridge Global School celebrated its 5th Annual Day Function on 16th November 2018. The Chief Guest on the occasion Dr Jagreet Singh,Headmaster, Punjab Public School Nabhalighted the lamp and presented Trophies and Awards for the Academic and Sports Achievements of students.

The school presented a variety entertainment programme to display the skills and talents of students. The theme of the function was “Culture and Diversity”. The students performed various classical dances of different states, Lavani, Rajasthani, Haryanvi, Ghoomer, Punjabi Gidha and Bhangra etc. to name a few.The students also performed a mime and an English Play to add variety in the function. The school music department raised the bar by singing a welcome song and created a classical aroma through classical instrumental fusion, where children played different musical instruments showcasing their musical skills.

The principal in his Annual Report, read out the mission statement and the achievement of students in various fields. He appealed to the parents to allow children to take advantages of various opportunities that the school offers in sports, co-curricular and co-scholastic areas. The new age demands higher degree of skills and confidence among children to be successful. He listed key three essentials for success viz, Emotional stability, Intellectual strength to solve problems and Social growth. Participation in various activities helps in imbibing these qualities.

The chief Guest stressed on role of parents in proper grooming of children. They should spend quality time with children and help them to handle multiple challenges in their tender age. The schools like Cambridge Global School and even residential schools strives their best to import best of the education and teach values among children. Still, there remains a gap in the focussed growth and responsible parenting can fill that. The present time is one of the most difficult time for children where they are exposed to all sort of media and social evils around them. They need role model to follow in the right direction.

The function was attending by large number of parents and dignitaries of the area.