MOHALI,16.11.18-Today’s activity on day 2- “ Mini symposium on Traditional Chinese Medicine” during This mini symposium was inaugurated on 16/11/2018 by Prof Raghuram Rao Akkinepally, Director NIPER and Prof Junning Zhao President Sichuan Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences.

International Conference on (DDNPTM-2018) at NIPER, SAS Nagar During his inaugural address Director NIPER welcomed the Chinese delegation, Prof Subhash C Gautam who coordinated this mini symposium with NIPER, Ayurvedic experts and all the delegates to this symposium. During his address Prof Raghuram Rao Akkinepally explained about the traditional medicine system in South Asia and China He narrated the principles of TCM, Ayurveda, Arabic, Unani Homeopathy and Chiropractice. He also mentioned about other medicine systems like Bangladesh, Nepal Sri-lanka, Indonesia and Maldives etc. He also emphasized the importance of yoga as non medication system of Ayurveda for leading better life. Further he also mentioned the role of Traditional Medicine in developed countries like Germany, France, Australia Canada and USA Prof Zhao during his opening remarks explained about principles and different therapeutic approaches used in TCM to the audience. He thanked the Director, NIPER and Prof S.M.Jachak, Convenor and Prof I.P. Singh, Organizing Secretary of the conference for inviting and accommodating mini symposium on TCM.

Post inaugural 2 scientific and technical sessions on Ayurveda and TCM were held. During these SK Sharma, Chairman, Food Safety Standards Authority of India, GoI and former advisor to AYUSH GoI explained about Ayurveda and the ancient traditional systems of medicine in India, different basic principles of Ayurveda including Panchammahabhutas, tridoshas and other Ayurverdic concepts about diseases and their treatments. He informed that Ayurveda is science of Longevity with quality of Life. He emphasized a way of healthy life by following the tripod approach including appropriate Ahaar, Nidra and Brahmacharya.

In nutshell, he emphasize we can lead a healthy life by following basic principles of Ayurveda. Two presentations on TCM were delivered by Prof Zhao and Prof Zhang, Sichuan Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences during these technical sessions. During these two presentations Chinese experts informed the audience about herbal drug industry in China in different standardization aspects of crude drugs that are being used in TCM and also gave brief overview of artemisinin as the effective drug for malaria discovered by Chinese scientist Prof You You Tu. Finally, the scientific session were concluded by panel discussion involving experts from Ayurveda and TCM. During this several important issues were discussed in development of Ayurveda and TCM and several participants clarified their queries with experts.