Chandigarh,18.12.18-Prof. Dr T Sundararaman, TISS Mumbai said that there are huge challenges to measure progress towards Universal health coverage and third sustainable development goal. Measurement of Universal health coverage should be disease specific. Out of pocket expenditure is disease specific and the cost of care is different in public versus private sector with or without insurance. He also talked about the need to strengthen the CRVS (civil registration and vital statistics) system that further comprise of SRS Routine and Medical Certification of Cause of Death (MCCD). As current system of MCCD is not good, SRS based verbal autopsy data is providing good information.He emphasized the need to strengthen health facility information system and applying data in information to measure our progress towards UHC. In addition to UHC based indicators, there is need to include indicators for prevention.

Dr Pankaj Arora, Faculty of Hospital administration, PGIMER along with his team discussed about the basics of inventory management and the practical problems that the department faces day in and day out related to demand generation, tenders and procurement. Dr Aditi Mehra in shared about the online government e marketplace i.e. online GeM portal. The portal provides easy platform for checking availability of products framing specification along with bidding and tendering process and Dr Navneet Dhaliwal discussed about the PMJAY in PGIMER Chandigarh. Dr Bikash Medhi, Professor, Department of Microbiology, PGIMER discussed on IT for pharmacovigilance. He discussed about Adverse Drug reaction reporting in VigiFlow software of WHO Uppsala monitoring centre. Details about patient, drug reactions, product and reporter are filled followed by causality assessment. He further discussed about various types of adverse drug reactions, pharmacovigilance programme of India, hemovigilance and materiovigilance programme of India. Dr Hemant D Shewade, Senior OR Fellow, The Union SEA Office discussed the use of ICT for operational research that can help health system provider identify performance problems in the programmes and undertake small studies in their area to find solutions.