Chandigarh March 23, 2019

TEDxUBSPU - Flag Bearers of change

University Business School, Panjab University organised the first ever TEDxUBSPU. It was an independent TED conference organised, here today.

The Conference was an initiative of the business club and the students of the business school, who under the leadership of Chairman, Professor (Dr) Deepak Kapur and the guidance of Business Club Advisor Professor Kulwinder Singh hosted a thought provoking and engaging TEDx.

Chairman Professor (Dr) Deepak Kapur felt that this was a prestigious event for Business Schools through out the world. TEDxUBSPU was an opportunity for UBS to gain Global Recognition. Business Club Advisor Professor Kulwinder Singh congratulated the team on their efforts bearing fruit and ensured that many events of the same stature would surely be organised in the future.

In this era of change, it has become essential to keep abreast with the developments around us, ergo the theme of the conference was " Change is the Only Constant".

The speakers included illustrious and accomplished individuals from diverse backgrounds. The event saw, Mr. Sunil Gulati, Vice President -Technical, Coca Cola India and South West Asia; Brigadier Subhash Chander Rangi, Head of Operation Black Tornado - Mumbai 26/11 Attacks; Mr. Devinder Sharma, Food and Trade Policy Analyst; Mr. Prabir Jha, President and global CPO at Cipla; Mr. Saurabh Nigam, VP at Omidayar Network;Mr. Maneet Gohil, Founder and CEO at LAL10; Ms. Shruti Rao Rathore, vegan fashion designer; Ms. Supreet Dhiman, Director of projects and research at End Incest Trust, and Captain Shikha Saxena, an ex Army person who currently works in the corporate.

The speakers shared some great and unique perspectives on change. Mr.Gulati inspired everyone through his experiences of accepting challenges as a part of life and to learn from them. Mr. Devinder Sharma intrigued the audience by his viewpoint of how adding to the GDP of the economies is having a detrimental impact on the ecology. He also emphasised on the impact of the changes in the agricultural methods on the health of people. Brigadier Rangi enthused the attendees with his outline of the conduct of Operation Black Tornado. Mr. Prabir Jha and Ms. Supreet Dhiman also shared their perspectives of driving change in oneself and in the society. Education is the most powerful weapon we have to change the course of our future,she added.

However, given it takes a village to raise a child, how can we blame only the government for all the shortcoming of our education system?

She further elaborated on what would it take for each one of us to say that we can and we will help at least one child achieve her career goals and become financially independent? Together we can bring self sufficiency and dignity in life.

The audience was inspired after listening to all the speakers. The audience also swayed to the tunes of Dhruv Angrish.


Chandigarh March 23, 2019

Workshop on Social Work Intervention for Non-Communicable Diseases

Centre for Social Work, Panjab University organized a one day workshop on Social Work Intervention for Non Communicable Diseases (NCD)here today.

The workshop was conducted by Suneel Vatsayan, Chairperson, NADA India Foundation, New Delhi and Pallavi, a trained Social Worker from New Delhi as the experts from the field.

Speaking on the occasion Suneel Vatsayan said that “a meaningful involvement of youth and patience is very important for making our healthcare system acceptable, accessible and available for all. There participation at local and policy level is important to make universal health coverage a success. These young people were trained to join the young health force during these workshops.

Pallavi shared the burden of non-communicable diseases in the country and across the world and the different social work interventions required while working with youngsters.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr Rajesh Kumar Chander, Chairperson, Department of Women Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Speaking on the occasion he highlighted the holistic concept of health is significant for women’s empowerment and especially in context of Non-Communicable diseases. The mental health aspects regarding women’s health are neglected in day-to-day life. He cited various examples to explain the situation of the existing scenario of the non-communicable diseases in case of women.

Gaurav Gaur, Assistant Professor, Centre for Social Work, PU also shared his experiences regarding the non-communicable diseases and he motivated the students to come forward and join this campaign. He also shared the examples from the different Indian states regarding their health status and the existing problems faced by them.

Dr Monica M Singh, Chairperson welcomed and thanked the guests and shared the importance of organizing such workshops.

The students shared their presentations in the last session regarding their work plan to be executed on behalf of the University in times to come.


Chandigarh March 23, 2019

Cleanliness Drive & Beautification of Shooting Range Area Marked The 4th Day Of PU Nss Camp

The day four started with physical activity session. In the second session of the day, the volunteers participated in the cleanliness and beautification drive at Shooting Range Area of Panjab University.

During the lecture sessions NSS programme officer Dr. Amrinderpal Singh remembered Shaheed Bhagat Singh on his martyrdom day and enlightened the youth about his visions of a free India. After this session, the volunteers conducted an interactive session that included fun games and talent showcase among themselves to improve their interpersonal communication skills.

The day concluded with a lecture on the "State Legal Services Authority and its role in resolving legal disputes outside the court " by advocate Gautam Bhardwaj, recipient of Best Para Lawyer by Chief Justice of India. Mr. Shiv of State Legal Services Authority made the students aware about the legal aid that the underprivileged people can get from SLSA and the schemes for legal issues regarding juveniles especially. Para Legal Volunteers from PU, Gurdeep and Nihal also shared their experiences of their association with SLSA.