The Chief Vigilance officer

Chandigarh Administration


Subject: Vigilance inquiry into misplacing of property tax records by Municipal Corporation


It is brought to your kind notice that Municipal Corporation has this year issued demand notices to all the property owners for payment of property tax for the year 2019-20. It has been found from these demand notices that there is, in many cases, an arrears of property tax payable by the owner. On inquiry it has been informed that MC has misplaced the old records, as such property owners are expected to submit their own records to get the arrears demand corrected.

  1. Here it is informed that earlier tax was being paid at Oriental Bank of Commerce which has already submitted the entire records along with the money collected and still they might be having the complete records.
  2. Property tax was also paid at Sampark centers, a helping hand of Chandigarh administration which is fully computerized and no data of their can be lost.
  3. Apart from the above two municipal corporation has also collected property tax both by Cheque and cash and for that they have issued proper receipts, as such this record also cannot be lost or misplaced.

As such keeping in view the large scale harassment of public and a very grave action of Municipal Corporation in misplacing the financial records, it is submitted that immediately a vigilance inquiry may be conducted to find out the records if possible or fix up the responsibility of staff who has misplaced the records. While the office of MC property tax has been operating from the same building and never they have shifted either the records or the office.