Chandigarh May 22, 2019 Dr Bhupinder Singh Bhoop, Professor at the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS), and Coordinator, UGC Centre for Excellence in Nano Biomedical

Applications, at Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh, has recently been awarded with
“Pharmaceutical Quality by design (QbD) Excellence Award” by M/s Shengjie Business
Management & Consulting Co. Ltd., Shanghai, during a two-day Pharmaceutical Industry
Internationalization Strategy Summit held on 16th-17th May 2019 in Shanghai, China.
Professor Bhoop has been bestowed upon with the coveted award for his exemplary and
seminal contribution towards steering pharmaceutical industry across the globe on
various QbD paradigms.
Over 500 participants and resource persons from USA, Canada, India China,
Singapore and beyond participated in the Summit. On this occasion, Professor Bhoop
also delivered a one-hour expert talk on the topic, “Omnipresence of QbD during
Product Lifecycle: Quality Excellence Precedes Federal Compliance”.
It is quite pertinent to add that Professor Bhoop has delivered over 300
invited talks in India and overseas, including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, China,
Thailand, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Dubai and Bangladesh primarily on QbD. He holds the
unique distinction of having duly trained several hundreds of industrial scientists
under his direct guidance, esp. on QbD. He has earned to his credit over 360 original
publications (nearly with 150 exclusively on QbD), 15 books, five patents and tech-
transfers of two nanostructured drug delivery technologies to pharma industry. He has
handled 16 research projects fetching research grants of 6.10 crores from Government
and corporate sectors, and guided/guiding nearly 100 research scholars including 31
doctoral, and 6 post-doctoral researchers primarily on QbD-based scientific research
in developing novel nanomedicines.
His work on QbD-oriented pharmaceutical research has already fetched Prof
Bhoop with numerous awards & accolades like, QbD & Product Performance Award 2012 &
2013 (AAPS, USA), QbD Excellence Award 2013 (CPhI Asia), Outstanding Scientist Award
2014 (SelectBio, UK), QbD Product Performance Award 2015 (Stat-Ease, USA), Scientist
Par Excellence Award 2016 (Minitab Inc, UK), and many more.