Chandigarh, August 17, 2019: Our real freedom lies in getting rid of the false sense of pride, ego, jealousy, hatred, enmity and all other negative thoughts and feelings. Even political freedom will become all the more fruitful when accompanied with spiritual liberation. This will certainly make us better citizensand enable us to act with responsibility not only at the level of our own family but, the country as such.

This was stated at Delhi late last evening by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, Head of the Sant Nirankari Mission, while addressing a mammoth gathering of devotees from Delhi NCR, Haryana, Himachal, Punjab, Chandigarh and several other parts of the country taking part in the Mukti Parv Samagam. All the branches of the Mission throughout the country also organized special congregations concurrently with the main Samagam presided over by Nirankari Satguru Mata Ji. In such a series, at Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan Sector 30-A, Chandigarh has been also organized special congregation.

On this day the Mission remembers and pays homage to the past heads of the Mission as well as the devotees who received God-knowledge and preached the same till the last breath of their life. Satguru Mata Ji said that Mukti or liberation here does not mean the liberation of soul after death. In fact the one who attains God-knowledge gets salvaged during life time itself. God-knowledge helps him or her to shed all the vices, negative thoughts and feelings and thus elevate the status of mankind.

Her Holiness agreed that it may not be easy to hold oneself firm in the face of adverse behaviour of others. But, it will not be proper to retaliate evil with evil, which will mean our downfall only. In case we are devotees of the Sant Nirankari Mission, we should always adopt the principle of self-correction taught here. We must learn from flowers to live even when surrounded by thorns. Flowers never give up their beauty and fragrance. In fact they gain the same all the more when knitted in a garland.

Referring to the occasion, Satguru Mata Ji said that the real lesson of Mukti Parv is that we should adopt the same values in our daily life which our predecessors followed, gained heights and took the voice of truth forward.