NEW DELHI, 20th September 2019: From hiking to the peak of the Blue Mountains to riding a horse as it strides through the Caribbean waters or gliding through the jungle canopy on a zip line or bobsled... Immerse yourself in an exhilarating host of adventurous activities. These adventures will take you beyond the beautiful beaches to a playground of thrilling experiences.

Zip Lining, Ocho Rios
The Ocho Rios Zip Line excursion can be found at 2,000 feet in the leafy hills of St. Ann. Adventure enthusiasts will encounter exhilarating challenges and breath-taking sceneries. At 1,200 feet long, it is Jamaica's longest and fastest zipline, and thrill seekers can opt for the most challenging line of all, 'The Freefall', by taking a leap of faith from a free-hanging platform. You can combine this with an excursion to the beautiful Dunn's River Falls and river tubing in the White River down exhilarating rapids and past tropical coconut plantations, an adventure with plenty of opportunities to stop and jump in along the way.

Hiking, Blue Mountains
Jamaica's famous Blue Mountains on the eastern side of the island, are home to 500 species of flowering plants and the world's second largest butterfly population. The Holywell National Park is one of the many serene and peaceful trails dotted with outstanding viewpoints. Catherine's Peak provides hikers with an uphill challenge involving a 45-minute hike to the top. Those wanting the full experience can choose to continue for a further 10km hike following a trail through the magical Elfin Wood to the Blue Mountain Peak high above the clouds.

Island Gully Falls, Ocho Rios
A 20-foot cascading waterfall hidden among the slopes of the White River Valley, Island Gully Falls is one of the most popular attractions in Ocho Rios. Visitors can spend the day jumping from cliffs, dangling from over-water swings or simply enjoying the refreshing water as they take in the lush surroundings. It's also possible to hire tour guides who will take you on a climb up the waterfall, journeying to hidden caves, dipping behind the waterfalls to find secret platforms from which to jump and dive into the inviting blue pools below.

Swimming with horses, Montego Bay
Horseback riding in Montego Bay is an incredible experience, for the experienced and amateur rider. Enjoy riding a horse along the scenic north coast past fields of sugar cane and along sandy trails before riding into the sea. Riders will experience an exhilarating sensation as the horses take to the crystal-clear Caribbean waters and witness the delight the horses feel as they cool off in the refreshing waves.

Mystic Mountain Excursions, Ocho Rios
The Sky Explorer and Bobsled attractions give an exhilarating insight into the forest's vibrant ecosystem. The bobsled, which is modelled after the famous Jamaican bobsled movie Cool Runnings, features a 1000m long drive through the rainforest on custom designed high-tech sleds giving passengers an excellent view of the coastline.

Families, couples and solo travellers are invited to discover why Jamaica is one of the world's top destinations for active travellers!