CHANDIGARH,February 17.02.2020: The English Literary Club , GGDSD College , organised an inter-college literary Fest , 'IRA', in association with S.P.E.A.K. Society for Promotion of Ethical and Affordable Health Care today . The event had participants from 8 colleges of the tri-city and they fervently participated in 4 different competitions.

The theme of the fest was "Physical & Mental Health". The competitions were Turncoat (a form of debate in which participants had to switch sides), Rubatosis: The unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat (Poetry Recitation), Reverse a Tale (Story writing) and Meme Making. The topics for the competitions were all related to health.
The competitions were followed by Human Library which was an interactive session wherein people who didn't know one another came together for a meaningful conversation. The event featured the distribution of Breather Magazine by its founder Mrs. Kamaljeet who also apprised the students about her magazine.

The president of S.P.E.A.K. India, Dr. R. Kumar, Ex-PGI Eye specialist gave a presentation on how one can keep good health through lifestyle changes. He insisted that there is a huge need to change paradigm thinking and to improve one's diet by abandoning processed food and junk. He put emphasis on the need for consuming healthy food and gave his recommendations for what can be done in order to bring about a change in public health at large.
GGDSD College holds Seminar on “Chemistry Sensitization’
February 17, 2020: The department of Chemistry of Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharma (GGDSD) College, organized a DBT sponsored seminar on, “Chemistry Sensitization’ on February 15, 2020. Scientists from Panjab University, NIPER and IISER were invited to deliver lectures in their field of specialization. Dr. Sandeep Sahijpal from Department of Physics, Panjab University delivered a lecture entitled ‘Cosmochemistry: Understanding the Chemistry of the Universe’, Dr. Ujjal K. Gautam from Department of Chemical sciences, IISER, Mohall talked about ‘Progress in Li ion batteries’, Mr. Chandan from IPR Cell, Department of Pharmaceutical Management discussed about ‘Impact of IPRs on biologicals’ and Dr. Gurpreet Kaur from Department of Chemistry, Panjab University delivered a lecture on ‘Chemistry at Interfaces’; to invoke the interest of students in the field of Chemical sciences.