Annual Sports Meet was held on 7th February, 2020 at Banyan Tree School, Chandigarh with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere.

CHANDIGARH,17.02.20-Sports Meet opened with the lightning of torch and relay by our sports achievers which was followed by an Oath taking ceremony by the School sports captain.
A melodious welcome song by the primary students was a charm to the event.
Later, the students participated in races like Pack your bag and run, balancing the cone, balloon race, three legged race, relay etc. with complete verve and vigour.
At the end of the day, Over all winners trophy was lifted by Prarthna House as they emerged as House champions. It was a day filled with Sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and memories to cherish. Sports meet witnessed the entrancing performances, hard work and dedication put up by our students.
Session on Good touch-Bad touch
A session on Good touch-Bad touch at Banyan Tree School, Chandigarh for the Pre-primary students was held on 14th February, 2020. The students watched videos where they were made to understand the types of touches. Students were also made familiar with their Safety circle and the child helpline number.

The session also highlighted how to handle a bad touch by shouting 'NO', running away from the person and informing a safe adult about the same.

Later, the students reflected their understanding verbally and on Worksheets.

Some of the parents also volunteered to be a part of the Activity.