CHANDIGARH,04.04.20-The saddening death and subsequent controversial cremation of eminent Ragi and Padam Shree awardee Nirmal Singh has completely exposed the inefficient health system of Punjab – Khaira

In a hard hitting statement released here today, Bholath MLA and former Leader of Opposition Sukhpal Singh Khaira lambasted Capt. Amarinder Singh for his utter failure to come to the rescue of poor needy people in their hour of crisis. Khaira said it has been two weeks today since the CM has imposed total curfew in Punjab but he has failed to deliver even a penny of help or a grain of ration to poor people of the state.

Khaira said as we are aware atleast one fourth of Punjab’s population i.e. approx.. 12.50 lac families of 3 crore population are extremely poor like daily wagers, self employed masons, carpenters, painters, plumbers, rickshaw and auto rickshaw drivers etc., who earn their livelihood through sheer hard work each day. Khaira said it is impossible for this 12.50 lac families to sustain for two weeks without the help from government, as they have been locked into their houses due to curfew and cannot make their daily earnings. Khaira said he has been only noticing lip service by Capt. Amarinder Singh that the Punjab government will distribute 10 lac dry ration packets to the poor across the state but not a grain has reached the poor during the last two weeks.

Khaira said Capt. Amarinder Singh should thank social, religious organisations, NRI’s and other individuals who have launched a full fledged drive to distribute ration, langar etc. to the poor of Punjab. Khaira said if Capt. Amarinder Singh further delays distribution of essential ration to the poor, it can lead to law and order crisis in Punjab.

Khaira also took to task Capt. Amarinder Singh for his total failure to provide health services to those affected by corona virus or those working overtime to help patients, as it is evident from the pitiable death of eminent Ragi Bhai Nirmal Singh ji and his subsequent controversial cremation. The saddening death of Bhai Nirmal Singh and the cremation episode have blown the lid off the broken down health services of Punjab. Khaira said the health department is ill equipped to deal with corona virus crisis as described by Bhai Nirmal Singh in the leaked audio, that is now viral on social media.

In the same vein Khaira also ridiculed PM Modi for making childish statements to the nation first by encouraging them to come on roads with drums, utensils etc. on 22nd March and now asking citizens to light up candles and shut off the lights on 5th April for nine minutes instead of rendering medical aid to those affected. Khaira said PM Modi has made a joke of the nation by making such statements. He said PM should outline his policy to deal with corona virus and how he plans to pull India out of the economic crisis suffered due to the virus.