Mohali 24th May-Aryans College of Pharmacy (ACP) & Aryans Institute of Nursing (AIN), Rajpura, Near Chandigarh jointly organized a webinar on “Let’s Live with Corona: The classical ways of prevention”. Dr. Ashish Baldi, Prof. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology, MRS-PTU, Bathinda was the keynote speaker. Hundreds of B. Pharma, D. Pharma, GNM, ANM etc attended the webinar.

Dr. Ashish Baldi discussed the scientific aspects of pandemic COVID-19 and its effects. He suggested various means to live with this pandemic with various measures including Social Distancing, Use of Ayurveda, Immunity Boosters etc. Baldi further suggested the use of Ayurveda, traditional methods which has overcome many pandemic diseases i.e. Saras virus, Influenza etc.

Baldi further added that the virus gets modified and adaptive according to the temperature, genetic changes and other conditions due to which the scientists are still struggling to develop the vaccine.

Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group while thanking Baldi said that the only way to survive with this virus is prevention. Kataria appreciated the preventive measures told by Baldi to the students.

Principal, Aryans Pharmacy College, Sh. Krishna Singla; Principal, Aryans College of Pharmacy, Dr. Shruti Walia; Mrs. Kalindi Madaan, HoD, Pharmacy Dept. etc were also present in this online workshop.