Chandigarh May 24, 2020

Online 9 Episode Series on Art of Sketching at PU

The department of Art History and Visual Arts ( Fine Arts) initiates a 9 episode online Lecture webinar cum demonstration series on the "Art of Sketching " which have been painstakingly designed by internationally aclaimed artist Sanjay Kumar. He is presently an Assistant Professor at MD University Rohtak and perusing his phd research under the supervision of Dr. Tirthankar Bhattacharya,Chairperson.

The 9 episodes have been designed to understand the basic concept of sketching , drawing techniques, anatomy rendering, study of perspectives and the various concepts of color theory.

The 9 episodes have been designed as a simple guide to engage an art enthusiast towards painting.

The initiative has been conceived by Dr. Tirthankar Bhattacharya chairperson department of Art History and Visual Arts PU as a part of the ongoing online webinar series during the lockdown times of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Chandigarh May 24, 2020

Department of History, organizes International Web Lecture

The Department of History, Panjab University, Chandigarh organized an International Web Lecture as a part of Series initiated by the Department during lockdown period, ‘Pandemics Across Ages’ .About 80 participants participated in the Web Lecture .

Dr. Sunjay Suri, Professor and Director of Graduate Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, Canada, the distinguished speaker delivered his lecture on, “Oral Health: Its Social Implications and Remedies in Light of Covid-19”. The quality of information, pertinence of the talk, its comprehensive nature, cross disciplinary and international bearings and extremely informative deliverables enthralled the audience of 80 and it is notable that not one participant left the talk midway which has become the norm in webinars nowadays. He delved at length in an extremely engaging manner on ramifications of COVID-19 as they are related to the field of Orthodontics.

PU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Raj Kumar, while appreciating the efforts,emphasized that intake is very important for the human body and since all intake is through the mouth and orally, it is vital that oral health and care be maintained at optimal levels, especially during the present pandemic, when access to the Orthodontists and Dentists is very limited. There is a widespread belief, backed by medical opinion, that the primary access of the COVID-19 virus into the human body is through the mouth, and as such, the topic of the web lecture was extremely timely and pertinent. He asked everyone to take care of one’s health through personal hygiene and recitation of mantras, which additionally contributes towards the keeping of mental peace. He remarked that the historical evaluation of the facts of Pandemics in the past shall help us understand the challenges connected with the present crisis and equip us better to deal with them.

The distinguished speaker, Dr. Sunjay Suri in his illustrative and illuminating presentation traced the historical record of the spread of virus first in Athens. Various pandemics, influenza, Spanish flu etc., from time to time in historical memory, had been claiming precious human lives in shockingly large numbers.

In context of the Covid-19, informed Dr. Sunjay Suri, that human to human transmission of SARS Covid-2 has chiefly occurred through respiratory tract via droplets, secretions through cough, sneeze and or direct contact. This leads virus to enter the mucous membrane of mouth, nose and eyes. Due to this, severe respiratory and multi-organ complication may be found among persons of advanced age, sixty-five or above. According to the speaker, the elective orthodontic treatment during Covid-19 must necessarily be suspended.

Emergency orthodontic treatment, however, may be followed by a contingency plan founded on effective communication and triage. Treatment advice be given first and if necessary, in-person treatment may be performed in a well- prepared operatory following infection prevention and control protocol. He drew the attention of the audience to the fact that during the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is imperative that orthodontists and dental professionals think globally and act locally to minimize the risks of transmitting SARS-Co-2 in their clinical settings.

He congratulated the Department of History for initiating academic endeavours linking two diverse subjects and expressed his delight in the subject matter as a Pharmacy scholar. The engagement in research projects may lead to a strong defense mechanism in our fight against Covid-19.

Dean Research, Professor V. R. Sinha, the Guest of Honour, remarked that the present critical time should best be utilized in enhancing research potentialities and pursuing research.

Dr. Anju Suri, Professor and Chairperson of the Department in her introductory address expounded the relevance of the Series, ‘Pandemics Across Ages’ by delving on the point that it provides opportunity to deliberate on social dimensions attached with Covid-19 and develop strategies with an integrated approach of knowledge of sciences and social sciences committed towards intellectual prudence to combat the present crisis.

Several doctors and medical experts from PGIMER, Chandigarh also joined the interaction. The highly incisive and comprehensive lecture was followed by Question-Answer Session conducted by Dr. Priyatosh Sharma, the Associate Professor of the Department of History who partnered Professor Anju Suri, in the team of organisers of the lecture. The lecture was joined by experts from academic, scientists, medical and dental practitioners, researchers, students and faculty members from many departments and Universities across India. The lecture ended with the formal vote of thanks to the participants by the organizers.


Chandigarh May 24, 2020


A press release was issued by Panjab University on May 15,2020 regarding schedule of depositing fee with different slabs(copy enclosed) applicable only for those who did not deposit fees by March15,2020.However,misleading coverage has come in some papers but it is clarified that no late fee is being charged from those students who had already deposited as per schedule i .e by 15.3.2020 , informed Prof Parvinder Singh,Controller of Examinations(CoE).

He added that excluding the lockdown period, immediately on reopening of University wef 13.5.2020, same table was made available only for those who didn't deposit the Examination fee whereas in case of result made available or revaluation cases, the normal fee is being charged.About 2 lakh students are studying in colleges and university departments and most of them have already deposited fees through their respective depts/colleges.

CoE added that for any applicable exemption of late fee of different cases, an application be submitted


Chandigarh May 24, 2020

A two days long drive of spraying the disinfectant got finished at Panjab University campus, Chandigarh today.. This drive was conducted by the NSS volunteers which covered all the construction sites of sectors- 14 and 25 of Panjab University campus. The said drive was executed by volunteers namely Shubham, Narendra and Kavneet Singh with Gaurav Gaur, NSS program officer, PU.

This drive was part of the ongoing efforts of NSS,PU initiative named as Mission Maitri. In this all the hutments of all the migrant construction workers were sprayed with the disinfectent. Doing this work Shubham said that "we have arranged everything at our own, for undertaking this campaign ". He said it is very important to do such a drive on regular intervals.

Gaurav Gaur shared that, this is the third time in last two months that such an initiative was undertaken by their team. He said that, we as University employees have this duty to do whatever we can, for our own community members. Besides, this he shared that all NSS program officers had contributed in their best ability financially or otherwise in providing with dry ration, milk and other basic amenities to all of them.

Dr Navneet Kaur, Dr Purva Mishra, Dr Anupreet Mavi and Dr Nirmal Singh some of the other NSS, Program officers applauded the efforts of these committed volunteers. They also said that more such drives should be conducted. They also said that, these volunteers have really justified the motto of NSS " Not me, but you".

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