Chandigarh, December 5, 2019
12th Chrysanthemum Exhibition
Horticulture Division of Panjab University will be organizing 12th
Chrysanthemum Exhibition at Prof. R.C. Paul Rose Garden, PU from 10-15 December, 2019.
Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, PU will inaugurate the exhibition on 10.12.2019 at
2:00 p.m.. Prof. Shankarji Jha, Dean of University Instruction will preside over the
function and Prof. Karamjeet Singh, Registrar will be the Guest of Honour.

Prof. R.C. Paul Rose Garden has been given new look this year for the Exhibition. The
garden will be adorned with about 150 varieties of Chrysanthemum. Seven new varieties
namely Sonali, Sapna, Mushtak, Parveen, Mahatma, Dorris, Freshman, Alfred are
displayed this year which have been procured from places like Calcutta and Solan. About
4200 pots of Chrysanthemum will enhance the beauty of the garden. The plants have been
grown by the Horticulture Division itself in its nursery to get the best results. The
Horticulture Division has also invited the Employees, Residents, Departments, Hostels
etc. to show their Chrysanthemum in 12th Panjab University Chrysanthemum Exhibition.

Such exhibitions have been organized regularly by the Horticulture Division in the past
and have been huge crowd puller. These exhibitions are an opportunity to display the
best products of Horticulture Division and also give a message for clean & green
environment, keeping up with the motto of ‘Swachh Bharat’ being promoted by the Panjab
University, Chandigarh.

Er. Anil Thakur, Divisional Engineer (Hort.) said that the Horticulture Division is
trying its best to make the exhibition more attractive than the previous years and has
been preparing for the same with his team for many months.
Chandigarh, December 5, 2019
“ICONICA 2020 Website Launched”
Professor Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Panjab University, today launched the interactive
website ( for the upcoming International and Interdisciplinary
Conference, “ICONICA 2020”.
This interdisciplinary Conference is scheduled to be held on February 12-14, 2020, on
the theme of “NEXT-GEN PARADIGMS IN HEALTHCARE”, under the aegis of Panjab University,
Chandigarh. Besides the Conference Chair, Professor Bhupinder Singh Bhoop, Coordinator,
UGC Centre of Excellence in Nano Biomedical Applications, Organizing Secretaries of
ICONICA 2020, Professor Kanwaljit Chopra, University Institute of Pharmaceutical
Sciences and Dr. Jagat Bhushan, Dr. Harvansh Singh Judge Institute of Dental Sciences &
Hospital, the event was also graced by the presence of Professor Shankarji Jha, Dean
University Instructions, Professor Prof R K Singla, Dean Research and several other
members of the Organizing Committee of ICONICA 2020.
PU VC while congratulating the team for the conference, urged them to reach out to all
sectors including Government Machinery for participation in the said conference. He
also added that this is the beginning and PU plans to make this event an annual one
spreading it to other branches of PU
Taking baton forward from the synergy of previous years' prestigious international
conferences (i.e., NanoSciTech 2012, NanoSciTech 2014, NanoSciTech 2016 and NanoSciTech
2017), the aim of ICONICA 2020 is to bring together the International community working
in different domains of health care, and to provide a conducive milieu for presenting
advancements and applications in the area of biomedical sciences.
Nearly a dozen of renowned scientists have already confirmed their presence &
participation, with nearly half of them hailing from countries like USA, UK, Ireland,
Korea, and Dubai. As witnessed during previous years’ conferences, more than 800
delegates from across the country and globe are anticipated to participate in the

The Conference events will encompass plenary lectures, keynote talks, oral
presentations and poster sessions, all demonstrating novel, effectual and cost‐
effectual research outcomes, and the rich information pertaining to diverse aspects of
research in health care domains. The details of the conference are available at its
ICONICA (International Conference on Imminent Concerns and Applications) would be an
integrated Panjab University platform to organize such global interdisciplinary meets
on diverse topics, widely ranging from basic and applied sciences, engineering &
technology, management, social sciences, humanities, perfirming arts, languages, and
much beyond.
ICONICA 2020, in this regard, is specifically aimed to cater to the challenges,
concerns and applications in the specific but wide realms of health care. Panjab
University, in this regard, has already proved its mettle in the areas of
pharmaceutical, biomedical (Biochemistry, Biophysics, Microbial Biotechnology, Human
Genome, Stem Cell, Public Health, System Biology etc.), coupled with Dental Sciences,
and Surgery. Accordingly, in addition to Pharma, Dental and Biomedical Sciences, the
Centres/ Departments of Management (UBS, UIAMS and UIHMT), Engineering (UIET and
UICET), Defence Studies, Microbial Biotechnology, Chemistry, Psychology, Forensic
Sciences, Nanotechnology, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology, etc. have also been
dynamically involved.


Chandigarh, December 5, 2019
PU VC inaugurated High end equipments in SAIF/CIL
Highly sophisticated State-of-the-art instruments HR-TEM, NMR 500 MHz,
ICP-MS, AAS and Confocal Microscope costing more than Rs. 10 crore
purchased out of the DST funding, recently acquired by Department of
SAIF/CIL, Panjab University were inaugurated by Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice
Chancellor, Panjab University, here today.

PU VC congratulated the SAIF/CIL and emphasized that these instruments
should be made best use by utilizing them to the optimum limits. He
added that such high-end facility will certainly benefit the Research
fraternity to a large extent. The goal of the facility at SAIF/CIL,
supported by DST is to provide services of sophisticated analytical
equipments to scientists, academicians from universities,
institutions, R&D laboratories and industries to enable them to carry
out their measurements.

Prof. S.K. Mehta, Director SAIF/CIL PU welcomed all the guests and
colleagues to the new facility. He acquainted Vice Chancellor about
the high end facilities available in SAIF department and future
planning to house new instruments in the near future. The inaugural
ceremony was graced by the presence of Dean Research, Director
Computer Center, Coordinator RUSA, SAIF/CIL staff and other colleagues
from various departments.
Chandigarh, December 5, 2019

A book on “Combating Social Exclusion: Intersectionalities of Caste,
Class, Gender and Regions” by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Chander, Chairperson,
Department cum Centre for Women’s Studies & Department, Panjab
University, Chandigarh was released by Prof. Raj Kumar,
Vice-Chancellor here today. He pondered upon the importance of study
of social exclusion in the realm of research and policy making and
implementation. He also reiterated the importance of research
publication in the domain of social exclusion, specifically, and
generally, in academics. He also discussed the integrated model of
research in the Universities abroad.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Chander, in his remarks about the book, extrapolated
on the multiple exclusions, gave a brief introduction to his
well-researched book, which was based on the data collected from rural
hinterland in Punjab and as well in U.K. The positive aspects of
social inclusiveness witnessed was the international emigration of
dalits from Punjab from Doaba region, as a result, the dalit diaspora
has emerged, but it has mostly been confined to men only. A few dalit
castes have also taken to education in a big way, and have got
empowered. Invoking Dr. Ambedkar’s ideas, Dalits are witnessing more
political inclusion than socio-economic inclusion. Dalits are also
asserting their identity, primarily, Ad-dharmis through Panchayati raj
Institutions (PRIs) and parallel places of assertion, like, visiting
Deras, etc. He further lamented that there are few grey areas still
remaining, where more work is required, i.e., women still remain
excluded from the various spheres, especially, women from the Most
Depressed castes. The separate cremation grounds, religious places of
worship, residential segregation is also a major area of concern. The
intersectionalities of caste, gender, class and region needs to be
taken into account to have a multi-pronged policy from a bottom-up

Dr. Raja Sekhar Vundru, Principal Secretary, Government of Haryana
praised the book for its lucidity and extensiveness of the research,
he elaborated further that the tools of data collection through case
studies was very comprehensive. The work provided a snapshot of the
dalit reality and will act as an inspiration for future researchers.

Prof. Ronki Ram, Dean, Faculty of Arts discussed the basic contours of
the caste system as a notion and how it differs in Punjab from rest of
India. He explained the residential segregation in rural Punjab is a
basic attribute of the caste system. He also discussed the role of
intelligentsia, civil servants, and elites in eradicating the caste

Prof. Rajesh Gill emphasised the need to become more sensitive human
beings and discussed that female-headed households in the light of the
dalit women in Punjab. As the Female headed households may not be a
sign of empowerment. She also elaborated on the application of concept
of feminization of poverty in the understanding of society of Punjab.

The book release was attended by Deans, Chairpersons, Fellows,
Teachers and other faculty from across the disciplines.


Chandigarh, December 5, 2019
International Volunteers Day Celebrated at PU

The NSS volunteers of Panjab University, Chandigarh were honoured by
Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, for doing exceptional social service
to mark International Day of Volunteers.

These NSS volunteers are doing commendable work in the field of Blood
Donation, Animal Welfare, Education, Community Health and Sustainable
Development under the guidance of Dr. Gaurav Gaur, NSS Programme
Dr Navdeep Sharma and Dr Gaurav Gaur briefed the Vice- Chancellor
about the various activities conducted by these volunteers from time
to time. The NSS volunteers included Arshdeep Singh, Ishita Choudhary,
Shishpal and Sukhman Singh. The volunteers are doing selfless
community work and associated with projects like Raddi Se Pragti, Ann
Anand for Animals, Rakt Daan- Maha Daan etc. These volunteers have
worked day and night enthusiastically. They saved so many lives by
providing them with blood and platelets at the need of hour. Two of
them have worked extensively in waste segregation and transporting
leftover green leafy vegetables from hostels to cow shelters.

The volunteers felt motivated by the honour they received from Vice Chancellor.