Chandigarh,13.12.19-Chandigarh Police achieved a major success by cracking two burglary cases with the arrest of two desperate burglars by special team of Police Station-36 Chandigarh and recovered stolen property (i.e. cash 6 lacs as well as diamond & gold jewellery) having value Approx 1 crore.

On 22.11.19, complainant Madhu Sudan Sharma r/o # 5711, Sec-38 West Chd stated that his sister along with family is residing at house no. 146, Sec-36/C, Chd. On 19.11.19, they went to Goa to attend a marriage function. When they reached on 22.11.19 and found that someone had burgled their house and stolen cash & jewellery. In this regard case FIR 240 Dt. 22.11.19 U/S 380,457, 411 IPC PS-36, Chandigarh was registered.

After 4-5 days, another burglary incident was reported in Sector 38, Chandigarh in which a safe box containing huge quantity of gold & cash was found to be stolen. From the thorough analysis of both spots & facts verification, it was found that there is a lot of similarity in modus operandi of accused in both incidents and it seemed that culprits could be same in these incidents.

On this, a special team under the supervision of ASP/South, lead by Inspector Ranjodh Singh SHO, PS-36, Chandigarh was constituted and assigned the task of tracking the movements of criminals indulged in burglary & other property crimes. During investigation, CCTV footage of vicinity was obtained and scrutinized. Sources were also developed to identify the culprits and previously involved criminals were also verified.

After sustained field work, diligent tracking and continuous sincere efforts, the team did commendable job by arresting two accused namely Shankar Thapa S/o Hem Lal Thapa R/o # 250, Room No. 8, Ekta Colony, Vill Balongi, Distt Mohali, Pb (P. Add. Nepal) & Shyam Mandal S/o Kishan Mandal R/o # 250, Room No. 8, Ekta Colony, Vill Balongi, Distt Mohali, Pb (P. Add. Vill Sadar, Dist. Darbangha, Bihar.

With the arrest of the accused, case FIR No. 240 Dt. 22.11.19 U/S 380,457, 411 IPC PS-36, Chandigarh as well as case FIR No.192 dt. 26.11.19 u/s 380, 457, 411 IPC PS Maloya, Chandigarh have been worked out and stolen property i.e. Cash as well as Diamond & Gold Jewellery having value Approx Rs. 1 Crore have been recovered.

Interrogation & Modus Oprandi:-

During sustained interrogation, they disclosed that they wanted to earn money for living lavish life and used to recce the locked houses by wandering in the residential area during day time. During recce, they shortlisted 4-5 locked houses/kothis of posh area/sectors of Chandigarh & Mohali by marking/indication i.e. putting newspaper in the grill/gates so that they can easily identify said house and target one of them during late night and wee hours. They were having a special kit bag containing cutting instruments like electronic cutter and 4-

5 specially made iron axel rods, which were used to cut/break the locks. The special tool kit bag containing said special instruments has recovered from their possession.

“Choron Ko Par Gaye Mor”

After committed the theft, they equally divided the stolen property between them. Accused Shyam Mandal kept his cash into his room at Balongi, where a marriage function was being celebrated, where he consumed liquor and under the influence of liquor he was flying money over the dancing ladies. Somehow, the neighbors noticed that he has huge money and Rs. 11 Lacs of his share was further stolen by someone from his room. Then he made call to police but could not disclose about the source of money and then told to police that he made the call under the influence of liquor.

Previous criminal record –

Shankar Thapa @ Sonu S/o Hem Lal Thapa R/o # 250, Vill Balongi, Distt Mohali, Pb Age-29 yrs

  1. FIR No 390 dt. 1.7.08 u/s 356,379,34,411 IPC PS-39, Chd
  2. FIR No. 05 dt. 1.1.11 u/s 356,379,411 IPC PS-39, Chd
  3. FIR No. 47 dt. 4.2.11 u/s 356,379,411 IPC PS-39, Chd
  4. FIR No 197 dt. 12.7.16 u/s 379,411 IPC PS-39, Chd
  5. FIR No. 233 dt. 20.6.18 u/s 380,457,411 IPC PS-36, Chd
  6. FIR No. 140 dt. 7.7.18 u/s 380,457,411 IPC PS-03, Chd

Shyam Mandal S/o Kishan Mandal R/o Vill Sadar, Dist. Darbangha, Bihar Age-48 yrs

  1. FIR No. 472 Dt. 2.9.08 u/s 399,402 IPC & 25/54/59 Arms Act PS-34 Chd
  2. 3 Cases of PS Mattour, Mohali
  3. 1 Case of Ps Kharar City
  4. 1 Case of PS Ph-1, Mohali


  • One broken Gold Brick of 1 KG
  • Gold Biscuits
  • Gold & Diamond Jewellery items
  • Cash Rs. 6 Lacs

Accused are on police remand and more recoveries are likely to be affected from them. Today they are being produced before the Hon’ble Court.