NEW DELHI,Apr 16,  Petrol price has been cut by 80 paise a litre, while diesel by one rupee and 30 paise per litre including state levies. The new rates came into effect midnight last night. However, the corresponding prices of petrol and diesel in other states will vary according to the levies charged there. With this, petrol will now cost 59 rupees and 20 paise a litre in Delhi, 66 rupees and 81 paise in Kolkata, 66 rupees and 69 paise in Mumbai, while it will be 61 rupees and 90 paise per litre in Chennai.

On the other hand, the diesel will cost 47 rupees and 20 paise in Delhi, 52 rupees and 08 paise in Kolkata, 54 rupees and 26 paise in Mumbai and 50 rupees and 21 paise in Chennai. In a statement Indian Oil Corporation said, the prices have been revised in view of the downward trend of prices of diesel and petrol in the international market.