Pune,  March 2016: The youngster from Kolhapur has come up with his novel on love, family and friendship. The book titled 'My Life in Love' was released formally on Friday in the city. The book release function took place at the Crossword in the presence of the family members and well-wishers of Adittia. Dr. Sanjeeb Bagwan, Nitin Satpute and Nilesh Kawade were the special invitees at the occasion.

The novel, written by debutante writer Adittia Powar, is a dark and witty tale about modern India. Introducing the novel, Nilesh Kawade, who is Adittia's friend and the first reviewer of the novel, said, “This novel deals with many problems in the society that today's youngsters suffer from. The language of the book is very simple but it handles very sophisticated concepts. This book revolves around a very important aspect that when you fall in love, you rise in life. The most important aspect of the book is what happens when you don't get what you expect.”

Kawade said that the novel is not just a description of love between a boy and a girl but it is about relationship and commitments. The marriage in India is not between a girl and boy but a much-complicated affair. Lauding the first attempt of author Adittia Powar, who is just 18-year old, Kawade said, “His maturity and knowledge are far ahead than his age. The way he has written the book, anyone can understand what it takes to fall in love and what it takes to make marriage successful. I would highly recommend the book for all, from all age groups.”

Recommending the book for reading for everyone, Nitin Satpute said, “While reading this book, I remembered my teenage days. The parents should read this book especially so that they can understand the problems their kids face.”

Explaining his idea behind the book, Adittia said, “The book answers questions on compromises to be made in a relationship. I picked up this topic after looking at the prevalent situation around. It is a story of love, family and friendship. It took me two and half years to write this book. My whole family especially my mother supported me throughout writing of this book. I also received inspiration from Chetan Bhagat.”

With his tender age, he was quick to explain that the book did not come out of his personal experience. He said that he is writing second novel that would also be a love story.

Rajashri Powar, an elated mother of the young author, said, “We are happy that his first creation has come out so well. Through this book, he has forced the parents to think that values have to be changed according to times. Suicides of children and many other problems occur because they do not get support from the family.”