New Delhi,11.05.16-When it comes about the women safety Delhi is the place where it is highly concerned. Women of Delhi do not feel safe when it comes to their safety. In the capital, numbers of cases are higher than any other metro cities. Women safety is in the priority list of the Delhi Police but cases are increasing in the capital which is the headache of Delhi Police. To solve the problem of safety of the women in the capital S.H.O of Model Town Police station organised a meeting with the local women of the area under the guidance of S.P.O Mrs. Anuja Kapur.

                                    S.H.O Model Town heard the problems of the women one by one and look into the matter. Women of the local area attend the meeting and discuss their problems with the S.P.O Anuja Kapur. Being a Psychologist as well Mrs. Anuja Kapur addressed a lecture on women safety to all the women who were present in the meeting and also assured them to work for them as much as she can. Mrs. Kapur further said that “women should come forward when it comes to their safety, mostly we have seen that women do not come forward to lodge the complaint as they fear the society what people will say etc etc. But if we want to end this problem we need to take initiative with the help of Delhi Police, Police is here to help us not to protect the culprit. Woman is the pillar of this nation and we should live as a pillar and live without fear”.                                                                                                               

                                    In the meeting organised by the S.H.O Model Town women also discussed about other problems as well like sanitation, lack of public toilets in the area, water shortage. Mrs. Kapur along with S.H.O model town assured them to take these problems to concerned authorities to solve their problems.