Chandigarh-04, December, 2016-Look at the mirror. Compare the face with a picture of yours taken ten years back. Next compare the same face with a picture clicked twenty years back. Now project yourself ten years down the line. What would you be looking like? Does the thought scare you? If it does not, then count your breath.

If it is below ten counts per minute, then there would be marginal difference in the three pictures. You are in yog. Please ignore the further article.

If the breath count is high, the face would exhibit signs of ageing and you would be eating various medicines for the plethora of diseases in you, no matter what your age. You need to wake up now and get into yog.

"Yog is not dancing around trees, doing complicated postures or breathing fast like animals. All of these are symptoms of an exercising gymnast, not a yogi. A yogi has a control over his body and organs, breaths slow and rhythmically, exudes radiance and glow even till his later years and has control over his senses," explains Yogi Ashwini ji of Dhyan Foundation. The glow he exudes being well into his fifties, and the experiences one gets in his presence, are proof enough that these are not mere words.


They also explained about the myths created around the image of yogi. "A yogi does not shun the senses or the pleasures associated with them, he enjoys them and goes beyond them into higher pleasures. For yoga is the science of the entire creation, it is a doorway to this world and beyond. It is enjoyment of the senses and going into deeper pleasures of the higher senses. In yog, there is no diet, ritual or lifestyle, yog sets you free," This was also explained in the book named 'Sanatan Kriya, the Ageless Dimension' which has been acclaimed as a thesis on anti-ageing by leading doctors across the country written by the founder of Dhyan foundation (A Book which has been acclaimed as a thesis on anti-ageing by leading doctors across the country.))


So does one need to give-up good food and lead and ascetic life to stay youthful and fit?


"Anybody practicing yog in the right way would have developed his/her psychic abilities, would be radiant and glowing in a disease-free body," adds Yogi Ashwini. The doctors of Indian Medical Association (IMA) confirmed the pschic abilities of his students and commented on their extraordinary glow, after a live demonstration of asans and science of clairvoyance at IMA, Mumbai.


It is the breath count and erect as well as strong spine that makes one looks young or old in a certain span of time. Optimal way of Breathing, Understanding your own body, taking it towards optimal balance by doing yogic practices (kriyas),  prioritizing yoga and experiencing the efficacy and power of yoga- was explained by the senior practitioners of Yogi Ashwini ji (A guding light of Dhyan Foundation) in their morning workshop on "Chakra Beej and Sanatan Kriya" on Sunday December 4, 2016 at Shri Sidh Baba Balak Nath Temple Sector 29 A. The workshop was held in morning for local residents.