New Delhi,16.05.17-Have you still been thinking of the long-kept resolution of shedding those extra inches? It’s time to rethink. A smart gadget is coming your way from Osim which will rather make your hour-glass figure an achievable dream. uCorset works with the innovative BodySculpt Technology featuring Shape-Lift and Firm-Knead massage to shape and tone the tummy, butt and even thighs.

 uCorset is an answer to the age old time complaint as its specially designed for those who love multitasking. Just simply wear it around your waist and let it begin its magic while you do other chores. This one is certainly an easy and fast way to shape-up for those living a sedentary lifestyle.

 All your desires for a trimmer silhouette come packed in uCorset with its effective massaging targetting various spot areas. uCorset’s Shape-Lift massage helps to strengthen body’s lean muscle and break down fat even while at rest.

While the Firm-Knead programme targets the stubborn fat areas and enhances circulation and body’s detoxification process. It lets you be your own boss with manual massage options that you may customize as per your liking. An inbuilt auto timer adds a perfect value for optimal results.

 At Rs. 20,000 uCorset is the fast-track way to shape and tone your body.

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