Chandigarh,01.06.17-Punjab - A land of five Rivers is known all over the world for it's vast and rich culture. The people residing in Punjab is well known for their warm welcoming nature and they usually recite a quote to welcome their guests - 'Jee Aya nu' which means you are welcome by heart. If we look into the culture, Punjab has it's own folk dance which is called 'Bhangra' which is originated by the people of Punjab to sit into large gathering and celebrate different occasions. Over the last few years, this folk dance has reached entirely different parts of the world. With all these advancements and progress, somehow the basis of this folk dance has moved from gathering and celebration to some monetary gains. 
The New Theatre (Regd.) has tried to bring a change to promote the actual culture and folk of Punjab. The director of the New Theatre (Regd.) - Mr. Pritpal Singh Sodhi has devoted his almost 50 years of life playing with Bhangra and enjoy their basis of culture. He has a wide knowledge of various dances performed in Punjab like Jhoomar, Luddi, Sammi, Malwai Giddha and many more. He started to train 3-4 people at his home for Bhangra. Subsequently, friends of these people also joined them and they started practicing Bhangra in an Open Amphi Theatre located in the park of Sector 68, Mohali. In a very short time, people who were used to come for walk for their fitness also started practicing Bhangra. And as a result, New Theatre (Regd.) is now a family of approximately 80 people which includes people of very different professional backgrounds, students, senior citizens, slum children, special children. This family decided to celebrate their every day and an event - BHANGRA UTSAV took birth.
The schedule of the whole Utsav will be started with lamp lightening, a very special performance by special kid who would be singing very beautiful welcoming song which will be further carried by Om meditation and yoga demonstration. Now, when everybody will be relaxed, the Raunak Band will give a folk performance and further many legendary artists will demonstrate the magic of the folk instruments which are in danger of  extinction nowadays. Now, some of the very sweet and special children which includes down syndrome children and autistic children will be performing a group dance.

Further, an almost extinct form of Punjabi folk dance which is known as Harvest Dance which was originated by the farmers to represent their whole process of harvest and the way they used to even enjoy in the fields while working. As we all are aware of the children who are not financially very stable and lives in slum areas will be further performing an act which will be followed by the folk dance of Punjab. The very amazing fact of this event is that the legendary artists who have spent their almost 50 years of life playing with instruments and representing the folk culture of Punjab throughout the world are also going to be the part of the event and they will be reviving their old days by performing in the manner they used to represent earlier. These legendary artists mainly include the director of New Theatre(Regd.) - Mr. Pritpal Singh Sodhi and many others which includes Jasbir Pannu, Ramneek Pannu, Channi Takulia, Thakur Singh, Master Harbhajan, Avtar Rana, Prem Puri, Pammi Bai, Sultana Begum, Sarbjit Pannu and many more. Not only this, the family of people belonging to different professional backgrounds will be presenting Bhangra. Last but not least, every legendary artists will be awarded for their major contribution in this field.
The event - Bhangra Utsav has impacted the lives of almost all members of the New Theatre (Regd.). Some of them got rid of many physical ailments whereas it worked as a very good stress buster for all of the people working for long hours in offices as Bhangra Utsav is not the celebration of one day but it's the celebration of everyday as all the family members gather and celebrate each and every moment of life. The event is scheduled on 1 June, 2017 in Tagore Theatre, Sector - 18, Chandigarh. All are warmly welcomed for the great celebration.