Chandigarh,11.09.17-Pehchaan is a film project based on School students and is convened by Aks Films and Theatre Arts Chandigarh.  The Film is Directed by Mr.  Yogesh Arora,  a prominent Theatre personality in Chandigarh. School is the place which forms the foundation stone for all children and their future endeavours,  since they are at an age when they can be moulded into anything just like clay. Just like all our fingers are not of the same size,  just like that every student in a school is not the same and some may not excell as everyone academically.  This at times circumstantially leads to some Parents and Teachers demotivating students who do not perform with a certain level excellence,  this inturn leads to a drastic decline of self esteem of these students. In circumstances like these Activities like Theatre,  Music and Dance can drastically help such students to vent out their frustrations and direct their energies into something creative and in turn help them boost their confidence. 
This film is based on the life of a similar student ( Rohan)  and how he wants to participate in various extra curricular activities but because of his not so good academic performance is discouraged and not permitted to participate by his Parents and Teachers. 
The director,  Mr.  Yogesh Arora is of the opinion that this film is not only meant for students but also is very important as a social message for Teachers and Parents. The lead cast of the film is as follows,  Sidhanth Batra,  Rajiv Mehta,  Sachin Sharma,  Satpal Singh,  Sarvagya Pahuja,  Anshula,  Tejinder Joshi,  Malkit Singh,  Deepti Arora,  Shagun Pandey,  Amanjot Singh,  Vikramjit Singj,  Kanishk,  Kriti,  Vipin Kumar,  Jashanjot,  Pavitra,  Suhani,  Nirjara,  Avneet and many more.  The Background Score is given by Mr.  Cherub Dhingra and the camera is handled by Nishant Chhatwal. The Film is Produced by Mrs.  Kavita Arora.