NEW DELHI,28.10.17-Muktodhara auditorium  reverberated with the rare Jugalbandi between family of acclaimed and eminent artists , the Vishwanath family. The strings of Lalitha Veena , Drum, Keyboard and    melodic vocal recital created ripples of music waves which spellbound the listeners at the Muktodhara Auditorium, New  Delhi in a special Programme  “Scriptural Musical Discourse”  here today. Musical Programme was organized by Pracheen Kala Kendra.

Vishwanath Family Band “Ramayani”  consist of  eminent artists  like Acharaya L.R. Vishwanath – a scriptural – Musical Exponent on the Discourse; Smt. Bhanumathy Vishwanath – Cultural Scholar from the Ministry of Culture Govt. of India and Eminent Vocalist on the Musical Exposition; ‘Kumari Akshyaa Vibho’ and ‘Kumari Amrutaa Vibho’ – twin daughters of Bhanumathy Vishwanath Couple – Students of the Trinity College (London) on the Keyboard and Drums respectively, both trained by Casio Brand Ambassador Shri Ranjit Ahuja.  The Vishwanath Family Band presents discourse on the Ramayana and Devi Mahatmiyam/ Durga Saptashati/Chandi Mahatmiyam in English, Hindi, Tamil and spoken Malayalam and Bengali across the Globe.

Today’s programme is based on Sundar Kaand is a Tribute to “Surya” – Sun God – Coinciding with Chatt Puja . Chatt Puja is performed as oblations and prayer to the Sun God mainly in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, but it has a powerful All India presence. Shri Ram belongs to the lineage of the Sun God – Suryavansh or Raghuvansh. Every Deity adores the Sun God and holds this King of the Celestial Galaxy in the Highest Reverence. Saambh – Son of Lord Shri Krishna – is credited   for having built and dedicated a dozen Sun Temples to get cured from Leprosy. 

Most significantly Hanuman Ji is said to have performed Gurukulavas at the Lotus Feet of the Sun God for 12 continuous years, thereby mastering the 4 Vedas, 6 forms of Grammer (Vyakarana), 18 Puranas, Gandharva Vidya (Music), Shastra Vidya (Art of Wielding Weapons), Yuddha Niti (War Strategy), Kalari Peyetu  (Martial Arts) and much more. 

Vishwanaths were in tremendous form and enthralled the audience with their sheer virtuosity, deft handing of the raga, lightening speed taans and tihais.  The vocal and instrumental techniques, the traditional purity, modern drum techniques were in full display. They displayed very interesting sawaal-jawaab sessions to thrill the audience.