NEW DELHI,7th November 2017: In a dazzling, gold Amit Aggarwal gown, Dr. Kiran Lohia - founder & lead dermatologist at Lumiere Dermatology - illuminated her way through the crowd of key media influencers and party-goers alike last weekend at her South Delhi, Vasant Vihar clinic launch. She was the most radiant star at the party serving as a powerful testimonial to the hard work, meticulously thought out skincare regimens, healthy lifestyle choices & state-of-the-art treatments she represents.

With one of the biggest Press RSVP’s this year in Delhi, influencers began strolling up en mass through an emblazoned walkway adorned with fairy lights and enchanting decorations to fit the theme 'Beauty Apothecary'. Once inside, guests were serenaded by upbeat rhythms dropped by an in-house DJ and elaborated upon by a trendy saxophonist who weaved his way through the crowd. Guests laughed and posed in front of the gold embellished walls and dazzling decorations designed by Absolutely Yushi by Ayushi Misra - a creative and energetic special occasion curator

based in New Delhi. Signs specially made for the event boasted phrases such as “your skin is your best accessory” to remind guests of the heart of the party - Dr. Lohia’s love of all things beauty and blossoming expansion in the field of dermatology and aesthetics.

As guests sipped PCO’s superior cocktails infused with fresh herbs, laughter roared through the new clinic and strangers became friends. While new friends cheered each other before tilting back signature shots served in real apothecary bottles, waists began to sway and dancing ensued long into the night. Two of the clinics doctors frolicked about applying 24k gold sheet masks to the hands of willing guests to promote the clinics newest, luxe facial - the 24k Rose Gold Facial.

As guests exited the clinic, they received the luxurious monthly subscription box - Vanity Cask, especially curated for the event. The beauty box kept the guest enamoured with skincare and beauty right till the end, as the box contained a variety of unique products with a personalised note from Dr. Kiran Lohia herself to remember the glittery affair.