Mauritius,08.01.18- ( ETN )Mauritius expert, Sen Ramsamy, is the Managing Director of Tourism Business Intelligence, analyses for News on Sunday the Government’s Three-Year Strategic Plan for the tourism sector. He also makes a series of proposals and identifies the low level tourist receipts as the principal challenge to Mauritius tourism. He prefers fewer tourists who spend lots of money on the island than to have a large number of visitors spending peanuts. He regrets that the three-year plan for tourism makes a total abstraction on tourist safety and security, air access beyond the corridor, duty-free shopping on large scales, product differentiation, events management and so many other initiatives that would have put our youth to work in a productive and profitable manner. He recommends that we define a new vision for tourism for the next 25 years, but with carefully worked out strategic plans for the short, medium and long term. He hopes that in the next three years, Mauritius would be able to trace out a new destiny for its tourism industry based on innovation.

Nightlife is quasi non-existent in Mauritius whilst the new generation of world travelers is on the lookout for more vitality in our local business environment, day and night. The sad reality is that most of the shops in Mauritius run strangely as offices. They open at 10.00 am and close at 6.00 pm. But this is precisely the time when most people are at work. Our capital city is open only half day on Saturday and on Sunday, we are closed.”

He further states that compared to other countries, “shops work on two shifts, from 9.00 am to 13.00 pm and re-open at 5.00 pm till midnight, seven days a week. Restaurants and nightclubs also work on a two-shift system until 02.00 am daily.” He trusts that if we could change this business habit, it would mean immediate and more productive jobs for the people.

“Night activities conducted in a safe and secure environment can generate far more revenues and multiplier effects than our day activities. It is a good thing that we are diversifying our tourism market base. But contrary to the European culture, the Chinese, Indian, Arab and African visitors are generally late night shoppers/diners and partygoers. Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong have readjusted their business strategies according to this new fashion and new trends in human behavior and they are capitalizing on this lucrative parallel economy. Destination Mauritius prefers to go to sleep early and wake up late. Plenty of missed opportunities.”

Sen Ramsamy believes that the economic sustainability of the tourism sector “will rest to a large extent on new policy orientations that could stimulate more business effervescence, bearing in mind that an addition of 1.4 million people are on the lookout for a great Mauritian experience and are willing to spend more.”

But primarily, as he claims, “it is our duty to ensure that the issue of tourist safety and security remains high on the agenda of all stakeholders. It is not simply a government responsibility. It is above all the duty and responsibility of every citizen to ensure that the tourist experience is made memorable, trouble free and full of fun in the land of smiles. It is also a matter of dignity and national pride for our people.