New Delhi, 17 April, 2018: Jashn events celebrated the launch of Shipra Sinha Saxena’s timely and well referenced book “Meera: Love More Than allowed”,  at the Oxford Book Store, CP, New Delhi, provided a perfect setting to the release which was launched by Himika Chaudhary. 

 This book It is the story of unconditional ,unmitigated  love. The story starts in present day where Aarna, who is Meera's daughter comes out of the authority's office after collecting her mother's death certificate. Aarna is heartbroken on her mother's sudden demise and plans to put the house for sale ,when she stumbles upon Meera's diary. Inquisitive about Meera's life Aarna starts reading it. However in thee she finds a mystery man Aditya,with who Meera fell in love with in her early tewnties. The diary records different incidents that took place whilst the two kept meeting at different stages in their life. Its a depiction of how our situations and emotions change as we age but the only constant amongst all this turmoil is the feeling of being in love. 

 Shipra said, This book is very close to my heart & Inspired from real life people. Author narrated this story to her friends in a train journey 9 years back & when she saw no one even blinked their eyes while listening the story , she decided to publish it.

 In this Occasion Himika Chaudhary  said ‘there are so many twist & turn in the love story which are unpredictable but Author has done it so beautifully. Story is so flawless that it keep you engaged through out. The characters are so real that you can find them around you. Author has described all incidents so interestingly. Every reader will genuinely love this story.