NEW DELHI,23.05.18-Oshea Herbals have launched their Handmade Papaya Clean and Charcoal Cleansing Bars for you to enrich and parent your skin for an everlasting charm and radiance.

Oshea Papaya Clean- It is made with Papaya fruit extracts, extra virgin coconut oil, castor oil, glycerin, sorbitol, myristic acids and a lot more. This cleansing bar seeks to focus on anti-blemish and brightening formula. This will gives an ultra-glowing and smooth skin.

Oshea Charcoal- It is made with activate Charcoal, glycerine, virgin oil, stearic oil, cocoamido propyl betaine and a lot more. This helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. This specially works on the whitening and reinstating the youthful charisma.

These cleansing bars are handmade and are enhanced with pure essential oils. These oils help in creating a balanced moisture content in the skin. The bars help in fostering a ever radiant, vivid and a breathtaking silk like skin.

The Papaya fruit extracts help to illuminate and embellish the magnificient features and the Charcoal help you to stay forever young, radiant and glowing. These cleansing bars have incandescent effect for you to stay dazzling and gorgeous as ever.

Oshea Papaya and Charcoal Cleansing Bars are priced at Rs.145 with a net weight of 125grams. They are available across retail, modern outlets and also on e-commerce portals.

 Oshea Herbals is a leading Skin and Body Care brand whose prime objective is to give its customers a comprehensive range of herbal active cosmetics with a world class touch of vedic science. Their aspiration is to bring the people of this world, closer to the nature.