Chandigarh,05.10.18-In two separate Curatorial Art Walks to help viewers understand and appreciate the art of Print making in Indian Art, Ms. Yamini Telkar, a well known expert on Modern Indian Art and Art History from Mumbai will hold two sessions of approximately 90 minutes each with students and teachers from Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar and art lovers from other parts of Punjab and Chandigarh, tomorrow i.e Saturday 6th October 2018 at 10.30 am and 12.00 noon, at the galleries of Punjab lalit Kala Akademi, Punjab Kala Bhawan, Rose garden, Sector 16 B, Chandigarh.

She will give important insights into the history of Print making, its origins and artists who engaged themselves in this revolutionary period in the history of mankind. Amidst 124 original artworks by masters of Print making, it would be a lesson in the history of 400 Years of Indian Printmaking and rare opportunity to witness, feel and explore the nuances of visual arts from a close distance. In the first Art walk starting at 10.30 am m 50 students and teachers from Apeejay, Jalandhar, will immerse themselves in the atmosphere charged with information about the political and social developments taking place in the world and India and anecdotes about artists, their personal lives and artistic activities by Yamini Telkar. Pages from the history will began opening one after the other with revelations about how Print Making was introduced in India and Indian artists got influenced or inspired, first by the Imperial art practices then confluence of the oriental with the western culminating with a fusion of local, traditional and folk with the avant-garde art movements of Europe and beyond. Another Art walk will start at 1 2.00 noon with with another group of students and other enthusiasts from Chandigarh College of Art. This has been made available by DAG at the invitation of Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi.

This initiative is first of its kind in the region, brought to Chandigarh by artist Diwan Manna who also happens to be President of Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi. DAG, a private Art Gallery in Delhi with foot prints in Mumbai and New York has been extremely helpful in bringing this rare exhibition of such a large collection of original artworks to Punjab along with educational programmes such as Curatorial Art Appreciation Walks, Art Appreciation programmes specifically designed with tactile material for the visually challenged persons and conversations with experts.

All the events will take place inside the Art Gallery in the midst of original artworks and at Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi, Punjab Kala Bhawan, Rose Garden, Sector 16 B, Chandigarh.

For further information please contact: 9814015079