Chandigarh, October 29: ‘Green Diwali-Healthy Diwali (Harit Diwali-Swasth Diwali) is the slogan of the environmentally conscious. And today Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration along with Yuvsatta-an NGO launched a Green Diwali campaign, starting today from Government Model Sr. Sec. School, Sector 33D, Chandigarh.

Yuvsatta volunteers distributed over 1000 Diya Earthen Lamps and 100 packs of rangoli colours to promote spirit of green diwali on the occasion. A street play ‘Green Diwali’, directed by Ravi Kumar and highlighting ill-effects of polluting chemicals in fire-crackers was shown in morning assembly of the School.

Mr. Debendra Dalai, Director, Department of Environment added that “Metallic salts are used in fireworks to produce light of different colours in the fire crackers. Calcium chloride is used to get orange colour. Similarly, sodium nitrate, barium chloride and copper chloride are used to give the airbursts yellow, green and blue colours. Caesium, Potassium and Rubidium are also used for indigo and violet colours. And more and more people are seeing bursting firecrackers as environmentally irresponsible form of entertainment”.

Bindu Arora, Principal of the School added that “We are not against the traditional way of celebrating Diwali in which the homes are decorated with lamps and people having fun with sparklers and less polluting firecrackers”.

Pramod Sharma, Coordinator of Yuvsatta addressing the studentsalso motivated them to inform their parents not to buy sweets from market, as one is not sure about the quality and contents, instead people should enjoy and savour healthy home-made sweets.

Kulbhushan Kanwar, environmentalist emphasized upon distribution of green plants on the occasion of Diwali and motivated his students to request their parents too, to gift green plants instead of any other gifts or sweets this Diwali to their friends & relatives.

The programme ended with a Pledge by all School students to observe ‘Green Diwali & stay away from crackers”.