Amritsasr, 28 January 2019: An intraschool round on cyber security, Netchamps2 was held here at the A.V. Partap Singh School in which children of class 9th & 10thparticipated. Winners are Neha & Kaina from 9th standard.

According to Vaneet Sharma Principal of the School, this is a highly useful programme for the children as well as the teachers who get to know about the dangers of using the internet in their formative years when they are not fully aware of the pitfalls.

The finanlists shall participate in the interschool city rounds for Connect NetChamp quiz which shall be followed by a Grand Finale.

This is one of the prime initiatives of Connect Broadband in Punjab and Chandigarh in which more than 10,000 children in 35 schools have already been sensitized in the last six months and the company intends to reach out to at least 20 more schools in the region by the year end.

The cyber security team of Connect Broadband interacted with children and informed them about potential risks including identity thefts, cyberbullying, legal and financial issues, fake news and frauds, as also risky video games and online challenges.

Protecting children against online risks and make them smart users of the internet is the avowed cause that Connect Broadband has undertaken and has sensitized children, teachers and parents over 34 schools so far in last one year in its second edition of NetChamp programme.

NetChamp is an international award winning initiative of Connect Broadband at the International Operator’s Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.