NEW DELHI, July 15, 2019: The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, also known as the Temple of the Sea, is all about the Art & science of oceans. Built on the side of Monaco's legendary Rocher, the Oceanographic Museum is renowned throughout the world for its expertise and dedicated to all marine sciences. From the flourishes on the facades to the decor in the halls, every aspect of the Museum's architecture evokes the marine world. Since it was opened on 29 March 1910, this Temple of the Sea, witnesses more than 650,000 visitors in a year and has been an international benchmark for loving, protecting and raising awareness of the oceans.

At closing time, the Museum's doors open just for you and an unprecedented experience in which you will discover coral reefs and over 6,000 specimens. Armed with a torch, you will tour the aquariums, discovering the fascinating and unsuspected behaviour of fish after night-fall. The heritage decor of the "Salle des Conférences" and "Salon d'Honneur" is revealed in the beams of torch light. Along the way, take a pause before the imposing statue of Prince Albert I and admire the fluorescent spectacle of the coral. On the first floor, after an impressive encounter with a giant squid, explore the majestic Whale Room and confront the skeletons of sea mammals. Up on the roof-terrace, you will be spell-bound by the dark blue immensity of the Mediterranean, and a tasty refreshment awaits you, beneath the stars!

This one-of-a-kind offer is proposed by the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco as part of the 'Just for You' programme for guests staying at the Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo.

Set against the mythical Rock of Monaco, the Oceano-graphic Museum is the "flagship" of the Foundation and raises awareness among more than 650,000 visitors per year. Beyond its remarkable architecture, it stands out for its world-renowned aquarium, its exhibition events and the alliance of art and science. A place of culture and exchange of ideas, where experiences in the protection of the Ocean are shared, the Oceano- graphic Museum organises and hosts international conferences. In 2019, a rescue Centre dedicated to marine species was added to the original building, strengthening its capacity for action and awareness.

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