Chandigarh, January 3:- The elaborate and meticulously executed New Year-eve gala celebration plans at two of the three CITCO-run hotels in Chandigarh have paid rich dividends. Fears of global meltdown duped, Hotel Shivalk View and Hotel Mount View notched up record sales on December 31, 2009. “On the eve of the New Year, we registered sales of Rs 4,10,559 against Rs 2.4 lakh on December 31, 2008. The sales this time round have set a new record”, said an amused Mr Anurag Walia, General Manager, Hotel Shivalik View. This is despite the hike in the prices of eatables and the room rents going up. The uptrend would be surely reflected in the balance-sheet on March 31, 2010, Mr Walia added. Hotel Mount View, the other CITCO-run outfit and the only five-star hotel in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali, also registered the highest sale of Rs 6.15 lakh on December 31, 2009 against Rs 5 lakh on the New Year-eve in 2008, said Mr R.P. Singhla, General Manager. “With the economy in the recovery mode, the trend has been on the up side for the last three months, and it augurs well for the hotel in the New Year”, he added. The two hotels had planned events and discounted offers for the New Year eve to draw more customers to the dining tables. Management of "" and " " wishes all the best future for these Hotels and is of this openion that the above results of enhanced business could be achieved due to Dynamic Planned & Balanced Leadership of Mr.D.K.Tewari, M.D CITCO and his team on apex level and implementation of these policies by both the General Managers Mr.Anurag walia and Mr.R.P.Singhla on operational level.