Chandigarh,27.07.19-They remain flag bearers of green beauty anthem and are known for their propensity towards propelling cruelty-free beauty rituals. To achieve the same they have inculcated green and eco-friendly beauty routines into their mode of work and creativity..Taking the green beauty bogey further Cleopatra sets its foot at a new place in KHARAR with the launch of its new green beauty lounge. Eco-chic beauty rituals, organic skincare and vegan way of lifestyle will intertwine here to present a perfect melange of makeovers as the new hub will serve as a perfect concourse for beautiful transformations. Joining them on this occasion was Mrs Chandigarh, Mitali Jouhar and super model Yami and beauty expert Harveen Kathuria.

Addressing a press conference today Richa Aggarwal, owner and promoter of Cleopatra chain of spa & salon divulged the information and announced the launch of their new salon in KHARAR.The occasion also witnessed the unveiling of a campaign that needs immediate attention, ' SALON AT SALON ONLY' , which encourages the beauty to go to a distinguished Salon only for beauty needs under the supervision of professionals and dispel the notion of taking these services at home from untrained staff and putting the entire skincare to risk. Richa Aggarwal stated We are having people with complaints of bad skin or hair due to taking any salon's services at home, and often these complaints surface because of the local and duplicate beauty products used by home salon staff or bad service. Hence through this campaign, we want to make people conscious about recognizing the right brands and their quality and take services at the salon only where the beauty service and its outcome is being gauged by beauty professionals and happening under their supervision. The market is flooded with Salon at home kind of offers that remain subject to the duplicity of beauty products. People are lured for inexpensive at-home salon services which tend to harm their skin in the long run. Picking natural course of beauty options remain the most effective and safe way to attain beauty and that's what we advise ", She added.

However, remaining Upbeat about the launch of the new atelier of Cleopatra in KHARAR , Richa Aggarwal, promoter and beauty expert also kick-started Monsoon Beauty extravaganza that unleashed trendsetting looks, hues of new makeovers and styles. Beautiful supermodel Yami paid a visit to Cleopatra to try out monsoon spa and beauty services while flaunting stunning monsoon looks that were green and eco-friendly. The occasion also saw soothing and refreshing makeup done with organic palate while amalgamating contemporary trends.
The brand new place from the portfolio of Cleopatra is wrapped in a rainbow of green and organic silhouette and the launch further strengthens and enhances Cleopatra's pledge towards blending organic and green refinery in beauty practices. The new hub of beauty is launched on the concept of luxury immersion through green makeovers.
Cleopatra remains dedicated to lift lid from Natural, organic and eco-friendly beauty applications and rituals that are designed by infusing luxury. One of its kinds of a new hub of organic beauty will provide premium beauty and spa experience to Tricity.

Celebrating the occasion Richa Aggarwal stated,'' Amalgamation of luxury and wellness are the best ways to describe Cleopatra's recently launched spa and salon in its new avatar.

Gracing the occasion YAMI stated, "luxury beauty services mean elegant and sophisticated artistry that combines to achieve optimum results in a premium set up and Cleopatra fits the bill so perfectly.

Talking about the work of Cleopatra Mrs Chandigarh Mitali added, " I have simply admired all the work done by Cleopatra and feel extremely rejuvenated here, the aura of the place is soothing and comforting and a touch of green is extremely refreshing, it seems you are getting pampered and transformed in the lap of nature under a beautiful sky.
The place beautifully combines classic and elegant style with a warm and inviting atmosphere and offers elevated beauty experience by raising standards of premium services. As you enter you can feel the spirit of happy spring all over the place with a splendid green aura. Colours are earthy and place surrenders to serenity to offer a soothing array of holistic therapies for complete harmony of mind, body, and soul. Luxury bridal finery from Cleopatra will offer pristine runway looks and a complete menu of bespoke makeovers for different occasions that remain prestigious. Time-honored treatments are combined with wellness concepts and set a new benchmark.


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