Chandigarh,22.01.13: CITCO has not only been catering the needs of Travel-Lovers only through its luxurious Hotels and fabulous Restaurants, but also looks after their needs for enjoy the sites of “Eco-Tourism “ by arranging tours to Kansal & Nepli Forests near Chandigarh. keeping in view the interest of visiting tourists & for promotion of Eco-Tourism, tour are arranged by CITCO, where the travel-lovers enjoy the bounties of nature through trekking at the “Nature Trails “ CITCO initiates to arrange visits of Domestic and Foreign tourists to these trails for enjoying the nature in Nepli and Kansal Forests .Chandigarh is maintaining a large number of such trails in Sukhna Wild Life Sanctuary, which is spread over an area of 2600 hectares in North Eastern side of Chandigarh.


Through Trekking of nature trails, visiting tourists could not only see closely variety of Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Butterflies and insects, but also come across extra-ordinary trees , shrubs, herbs, grasses & climbers. These trails also give good insight to the flora, fauna, soil conversation works, water bodies and wildlife habitat and its management.


Nature-Loving Tourists can enjoy their stay in beautiful rest houses namely Kansal Loghut, Kansal Inspection Hut and Inspection Hut inside the Wild Life Sanctuary, maintained by Forest Department, Chandigarh Administration & also can enjoy leisure boating in water bodies near Kansal Loghut & Nepli Inspection Hut .


For such visits, tourists can contact Tour & Travels (CITCO) on Phones:4644484, 2703839 & 4647922