Chandigarh, 12th April 2013: Avid bird watchers need look no further than Jamaica to discover the allure of exotic bird species. From the cool forested peaks of the Blue Mountains to the unforgettable charm of the lush, enchanting parish of Port Antonio, the island is endowed with a number of off-the-beaten-track vantage points to witness captivating endemic birds in their natural habitat.

“Jamaica is a sanctuary for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts alike who celebrate wildlife and find peace in the simplicities of outdoor adventures. The island’s rustic charm is undeniable and visitors enjoy discovering the stunning species of birds which are unique to Jamaica.” said John Lynch, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism. The island is home to more than 200 species, some seen only seasonally or in particular parts of the island. Many bird-watchers flock here for the chance to see the Vervain hummingbird (the world's second-smallest bird, larger only than Cuba's bee hummingbird) or the Jamaican tody (which nests underground.)


The ideal months for bird watching in Jamaica would be a visit during December to June. These are the cooler months and mature birds are visible, showcasing their plumage to attract other birds and bird-songs are evident in the air. There are several bird watching hot spots across the island.  Some areas are under deep forest cover.


The Cockpit Country is considered as Jamaica’s most important ecological site. The area has 79 bird species; the Jamaica Kite (Blue Swallowtail) and the Giant Swallowtail butterfly species are known to inhabit the area. The Giant Swallowtail is the second largest butterfly in the world. The Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park conserves about 78,000 hectares (200,000 acres) of tropical rain-forest in the north-east of Jamaica. The region has been noted for having more than 800 species of endemic plants, the world’s second largest butterfly, Papilo Homerus, 200 species of resident and migrant birds and is one of the largest migratory bird habitats in the Caribbean. Regions like the Bluefeilds, The Royal Palm Reserves, Rocklands Bird Sanctuary are a few of the many bird watching hot – spots in Jamaica.


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