Mohali, March 4, 2020: VR Punjab, the region’s favourite destination for shopping and entertainment, today engaged its women patrons by organising a Self-care and Wellness Workshop for them as part of its Women’s Wednesday’s activity.

Organised in collaboration with beauty and wellness institute Orane International, the workshop was attended by more 100 women who were offered useful make-up, skincare and beauty tips for the upcoming summer season by make-up experts of international repute associated with Orane International.

The Self-care and Wellness Workshop began with a session on skincare regime, where make-up experts taught the participants how to take care of their skin during summer, the kind of diet they should stick to during this season and the foods they should avoid.

In the next session, they explained to them the correct techniques of applying make-up and elaborated on the critical do’s and don’ts they should follow to get that perfect dusky or radiant look for special occasions or otherwise. Sharing some useful make-up tips with the enthusiastic participants, the experts said that first and foremost is the primer, which should be used on squeaky clean skin just before applying foundation.

“It is extremely important to choose the right kind of products, depending on your skin type. If you have dry skin, you should use cream-based primer, or else gel-based primer works best. When it comes to foundation, always test it in natural light by applying it on your jaw,” they said.

Towards the end, the make-up experts invited questions from the participants and patiently answered their queries.