Tarn Taran March 13, 2018 :- Punjab Congress Government  and their workers taking the law in their hands. The latest incident of the illegal activity has been seen by Former SAD MLA, Ravinder Singh Brahmpura from Khadoor Sahib constituency, in village Manochahal, Tarn Taran, where Ravinder Singh Brahmpura was physically present he had seen all the episode and anti social activity done by Congress workers on the instigation and encourage of Punjab Congress Government.  

                   Approximately 30-35 Gunda person had taken the custody of " Gurduwara Ram Jogi Peer" in the midnight at 1:00 Am, The rascal party    shot the bullets from their weapons and created horror  and danger in this way law and order situation is totally failed in Punjab state during Congress rule in the Punjab. Former SAD MLA Ravinder Singh Brahmpura met with 6-7 injured persons in this clash and one seriously injured was refer to Amritsar and others are under medical treatment at Tarn Tara.

          During the course of this shot incidents which remained for 4 hours none of the police officials reached at the spot nor any step by taken to control the situation which indicates that the culprits had shelter and spot of local police.

          When the Former SAD MLA Ravinder Singh Brahmpura reached at the spot then SSP Tarn Taran Darshan Singh Mann reached at site of the incident the SSP assured the residents and Ravinder Singh Brahmpura suitable action as per law shall taken against the culprits and no one will be spare. 

          It will not be out of place to mention here that failure of law and order situation and recent incident of Congress party and their 30-35 Congress worker attached the residents of Ravi Sher Singh, Akali worker of village Sanghe in Tarn Taran.

          The victim reported the police through 181 helpline but none came forward to save to victim after sometime Superintendent of Police, Tilak Raj visited the spot and notice the bullet marks around the wall of residence of the victims and they collected 30-35 empty shells of the bullet which indicates the big attack with dire weapons was done at the residence of the victim. In this regard MP Ranjit Singh Brahmpura talked to the DPG Suresh Arora and SSP Tarn Taran DS Mann, DC Pardeep Sabharwal to put their best efforts to maintain the law and order situations and take suitable action against the culprits but till today no heed has been given to the report of MP Ranjit Singh Brahmpura which clearly shows that Congress Government in the state is totally fail and no justice is being done to the public especially SAD workers.