Chndigarh,27.12.16- CA Keshav Garg citizen of Chandigarh booked an OLA Cab from New Delhi Railway station to Gurgaon vide CRN 503864543. The OLA Car driver dropped me in the middle of the road at Mahipalpur with all my luggage. The excuse he gave was that his car will not be able to work if he moves further. Not Knowing what to do I had to call my friends to know the place where I was and thereafter I booked another cab to reach my destination. The cab driver charged Rs. 300 for this incomplete ride. The complaint was made to OLA and what maximum they did was refund of Rs. 300, that too in my OLA Money account.This too was not properly communicated to me.It is just not the matter of refund, who would have been accountable if some mis-happening would have happened like kidnapping, loot etc. Once some incident occurs we all run in protest of that but no precautions are taken to avoid those.  
When I took another Ola cab after reaching Chandigarh for my residence with CRN 504816427 the payment of Rs. 144 which I made in cash was also auto deducted from my OLA Money account. No notification or message was received by me in time.
Its just not the matter of Rs. 300,I would like to be compensated for the risk and the security issues which would have happened due to use of OLA Cab. The driver left me at a unknowing place and I had no idea where to head for my destination. This matter should be escalated to higher authorities looking at the security issues related to ladies, children and the tourist. Precaution is better than cure. Pl ensure necessary compensation is awarded in order to restore trust in OLA.