Mumbai,21.12.17-For the alluring locations in Hindi movies, Allahabad is attracting the film makers towards itself. Giriva production’s Gaalib has been shot at various locations of Allahabad. In the ten days of shooting schedule, the major part of film are shot at Saraswati Bal Vidya Mandir, Naini, Ewing Christian College, Aral Ghat, Sangam, Ganga Ghat, Indian Anglo College and many outdoor locations of the city. It has been proved that the historical and cultural heritage, the pilgrim city Prayag inspire the producers and directors for their movie’s locations.

The writer Dhiraj Mishra once again had chosen Allahabad for his third movie shoot. Deepika Chikalia Topiwala will be seen on the screen after a long time in the producer Ghanshyam Patel's Gaalib. Manoj Giri is the Director of the movie. The debutante actor Nikkhil Pitaley is in and as Gaalib, while other major roles are played by Anil Rastogi, Anamika Shukla, Jyotsna Trivedi (Newton Fame), Imran Hasani, Megha Joshi , Mir Sarwar, Virender Mishra, Ajay Arya . ”Gaalib" is the story of a boy who despite of all the circumstances achieves his goals. His mother is his biggest inspiration. The hatred, country love, education and victory of humanity are the victory of Gaalib. After Allahabad, the film will be shot in different locations of Kashmir.