Mumbai,31.01.18-Atharva Foundation is paying a tribute to our real unsung Heroes’ of the Country by organizing a program named “ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE” & a great example of selfless service and brotherhood and above all, love for the country is what the Indian Armed Forces are all about. The singer Sonu Nigam was  privileged to sing a patriotic song   "  Bhool Na Jana Bharat Ke logo "   for this program.

This noble cause is initiated by Shri Sunil Rane, Chairman Atharva Foundation.Shri Sunil Rane is an action –oriented and very much passionate for the nation.  His various initiatives like women empowerment, assistance to the families of martyrs and education for the girl child. The foundation aims to bring about a positive change in the lives of the less fortunate people of India. The initiative will be a heartfelt celebration of the tales of courage and determination. Ten untold stories of soldiers who have been pillars of grit and mettle will be commemorated in the presence of a grand audience of politicians, civilians, ex-servicemen, Bollywood personalities, sportsmen, senior armed forces personnel and the police force. With such prominent names from the industry gracing the event, it will be a synergy of music, patriotic films and emotional stories.

The vision behind the program is to celebrate the unsung heroes of the nation and their selfless sacrifices for the peaceful functioning of the country.

In the presence of Col.Sudhir Raje (Retd) and Atharva Foundation team Smt. Anuradha Gore will release the patriotic song sung by Singer Sonu Nigam on the occasion of Republic day 26th January, 2018. The song is composed to salute the real heroes of our great nation India.