Chandigarh,21.07.18-Water efficiency is essential for a resilient nation. But the water resources are receding day by day due to reckless human consumption. To sensitize everyone about this situation, Class VIII students of KBDAV-7 presented a well-planned and well-synchronized assembly on 21st July 2018 showcasing the theme ‘Save Water’. The assembly began with quite an informative TED Talk giving information about ‘Why saving water is need of the hour?’ The assembly, was further plecorated by a soul-stirring dance performance highlighting the deplorable condition of water. It depicted how recklessly humans waste water. The skit performed by the students depicting ‘What the future will hold for us, if water is wasted’ was icing on the cake. Songs and poetry were also presented which mesmerised the audience and sensitized them about scarcity of water. Then all the students felt compelled to scratch their brains to answer the quirky questions related to water resources.

Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash conferred the badges to four Water Monitors of Class VIII, an endeavour to utilize the enthusiasm of young learners to make a difference. The assembly closed with a pledge to Save Water. Principal ma’am applauded the teachers and the students for their efforts for conducting such an informative assembly.