Chandigarh, 9 August –The latest news of atrocities against the Scheduled Castes community under this Capt. Amrinder Singh led Congress regime comes from Jalandhar and the CM Assembly itself, Patiala. Informing the media about the alleged rising tide of oppression and atrocities against the Scheduled Castes community, Paramjit Singh Kainth, President, National Scheduled Castes Alliance told, “Recent incidents like Making a boy naked and beating him in Patiala and another incident related to a student in Jalandhar, forcing him to drink urine are prime examples of the ever increasing trend of atrocities that has risen to an astronomical level under this regime which remains silent on every issue plaguing the community.”

Kainth said “This Capt. Amrinder Singh led Congress government has been dismal in protecting the rights and freedom of the Scheduled Castes in Punjab, recent events like beating and humiliating a boy in Patiala and also a student in Jalandhar have proven to us that this government is unable and even incapable of safeguarding the rights of our community. Home ministry which is under the CM has been unable to provide security to the community which suffers from rape, violence, assault, social persecution, boycott etc lately. The autocratic dictates of the CM have allowed the criminals and miscreants to overthrow law & order and created a dangerous situation for the Scheduled Castes community to live in.”

“MLAs and MPs of the Congress Party including the Cabinet Ministers belonging from the Scheduled Castes community have remained notoriously silent on the issues relating to these challenges. Even the opposition parties like the Akali Dal-BJP alliance as well as Aam Aadmi Party have been mere spectators of all this and seems like they have forgotten what it means to be in opposition.” said Kainth.

In an appeal to Capt. Amrinder Singh, Kainth demanded that a special monitoring cell should be established for the investigation of such cases and also finding the reasons why such cases happen in the first place. A special legal justice cell should be put in place for providing justice to the victims swiftly and without any hardship.

Kainth said, “Scheduled Castes community people are treated like second-class citizens in Punjab these days and much of this attitude can be attributed to the deafening silence that the government maintains over the atrocities which happen against the community. Fake cases are registered against the victims, criminals are protected and in some cases given lighter sentences if somehow the case does reach its end.”

“Police officials have been largely made incapable of acting on what is right and wrong. Political patronage of the criminals has allowed the social fabric of Punjab to deteriorate, at a time when other states in the country are pushing for economic and social gains. The Government needs to wake up soon and also especially the 34 MLAs of the Scheduled Castes community from the Congress, BJP, Akali-Dal, AAP have to stand up and raise their voices for the community even if it means defying their own party for the sake of the community.” said Kainth.