Chandigarh, 17th August : Creative writing is a way of life and not an exclusive prerogative of the writers, said Suditi Jindal, founder of Philyra Training and Consultancy promoting creative writing in the city.

Suditi Jindal who is an author of two novels and feature editor of Asian Lite magazine published from UK and Dubai, conducted the Master-Class in Creative Writing at the British Council Library here today.

Renowned journalist and internationally best selling writer Ms Kota Neelima from New Delhi, shared the experiences of her creative journey with the enthusiastic audience.

Nearly (50) aspiring writers attended the workshop which provided the participants hands-on experience in creative writing, informed Suditi Jindal who is also the Features Editor of Asian Lite published from the UK and Dubai.

Suditi, who has two novels to her credit, Grow Up Moon (2012), and The Adulteress (2016), recently completed her Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Durham, in the UK.

Anyone can develop the writing skills which require extensive reading of other writers’ work, and becoming an expert in “showing” and not “telling” in one’s writings, she advised.

As an acclaimed author of several fiction and non-fiction works, Kota Neelima, advised the participants on how ideas evolve into a book. She shared background of her latest work in "Widows of Vidarbha: Making of Shadows" published by Oxford University Press, India.

The aspirant authors also got insight into the creative motivation of famous authors and how they continue to write successfully.