CHANDIGARH,12.01.19-The top hospital and health system apps offer interoperability and secure care coordination to enhance clinical communication and workflows. Against this backdrop anMCI sponsored seminar was organized at Advanced Eye Centre, PGIMER, Chandigarh. This seminar was a joint collaboration of Department of Community Medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarh and Jiyyo innovations.There were approximately 80 participants (Faculty, SRs, JRs and other staff from PGIMER, teaching staff and students from NINE and SPH,PGIMER, students from Public health and Anthropology departments of Panjab University, Chandigarh).

In total 9 sessions and 1 panel discussion were held.Dr.Jyashree Murlidharan, inaugurated the seminar by taking up the introductory session highlighting the current scenario of App based e- Referral Networks at PGIMER,Chandigarh. Dr.S K Gupta,Professor and Head, Neurosurgery, PGIMER, Chandigarh delivereda lecture on pattern and profile of Neurosurgery patients in OPDs and practical challenges of e –referral networks.Dr. Sanjay Wadhwa, Professor, Department of PMR, AIIMS, New Delhi, highlighted the need of connecting medical colleges with e –referral net for optimizing rehabilitation services. Need for streamlining home nursing care through app based care co-ordination was stressed upon by Dr. Sukhpal Kaur, Lecturer, NINE, PGIMER, Chandigarh in her session. Also a panel discussion was held on App based streamlining of communication between Primary and Tertiary care providers. Dr. InushaPanigrahi, Professor, Genetic Metabolic Unit, APC, PGIMER, Chandigarh discussed the development of an e- counselling protocol for genetic/birth defect patients. The next session was held by Dr. Suraj Singh Senjam, Associate Professor , Community Opthalmology Dr. R P Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi. He highlighted the potential of e-referral networks in reducing distance between Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Eye care centres. Dr. Meghna Sharma discussed the experiences of referral systems from public and private sector hospitals. Dr.Kathirvel, AssisstantProfessor, Department of Community Medicine highlighted the role of technology in brining communities closer to doctors. The last session was held byDr.Sudip Bhattacharya,Assisstant Professor, SRHU, HIMS, Dehradun. He discussed how e –referral networks can help augment the impact of telemedicine related projects.

Dr. Amarjeet Singh, Professor, Department of Community Medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarhwas the organizing secretary of this seminar. Mr. SiddharthAngrish and Dr. Meghna Sharma from Jiyyo innovations were the convener and co-convener of the seminar.